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YELLO Hotel Jemursari Holds Mobile Legend Tournament 2018


14 Mei 2018
YELLO Hotel Jemursari Holds Mobile Legend Tournament 2018

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E-sports is a sports field that uses games as the main competition field. Today e-sports can not be underestimated because the world will continue to change, things that once felt unimportant to be very influential today.

One that is included in the e-sports is a Mobile Legend game that develops in Indonesia so rapidly. As a contemporary hotel, YELLO Hotel Jemrusari holds Mobile Legend Tournament 2018 located in drop off lobby area.

Mobile Legend Tournament 2018 is the first e-sport tournament held at the hotel in the city of Surabaya. Taking place on Sunday, with a registration fee of Rp 75,000 per team, the event is followed by 200 people divided into 40 teams that will compete and undergo 3 rounds namely preliminary round, semifinal and final round to fight for a total prize worth Rp 5,000,000.

"This activity is our step to continue to embrace the creative young people to channel their spirits with positive activities. Especially when this e-sport can not be underestimated. The world will continue to change, and we as a world society can not only stay silent eroded, "said Ita Tania, Hotel Manager YELLO Hotel Jemursari.

At 12.00 the event starts with a preliminary round matching 8 teams and is divided into 4 matches. The participants are required to play fairly, there should be no cheating at all. This game is not just about individuals, but about teamwork. Because each participant in the team already has its own role. After the preliminary round, the match will continue into the semi-finals until the remaining 2 tough teams will compete for the title.

 "I am happy to participate in a tournament like this, because it is the right time to hone the strategy and team solidarity. I feel proud, even though I did not succeed to be the first champion, "said Noval, who joined the BoosG team.

40 teams in attendance will compete online, each team consists of 5 people who work together to build a strategy to defeat every opponent they face. The tournament took place very lively because of the fierce match presented by each team that competed. A slick game, a clever strategy to make this tournament more exciting to bring together BoosG team against Teddy Bear team in the final.

After all the matches ended, the Teddy Bear team won the tournament and then the second winner was won by the BoosG team while the third winner was won by the CFL team.

On the sidelines of the turn of the round, this activity is enlivened with various games that entertain the participants who have competed or who will compete, there is also a photo contagram contest with prize voucher at YELLO Hotel Jemursari.

Want to know more about YELLO Hotel Jemursari, please click & follow @yellojemursari on social media (zainuddin).

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