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Will Be Registered to UNESCO, Academics Assess Tempe Worth Go International


21 Maret 2018
Will Be Registered to UNESCO, Academics Assess Tempe Worth Go International

Tempe makanan khas Indonesia.(zainuddin).

Tempe, a soy-based meal is planned to be registered to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2021. This was done after it was successfully accepted into a national cultural heritage in Indonesia.

A lecturer at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Widya Mandala Catholic University of Surabaya (UKWMS), Agustinus Ngadiman, said that tempe is very feasible to be a world cultural heritage because of its existence in Indonesia has evidence and long history.

"In Java, tempe is always used as a symbol of a tradition for example in Yogyakarta and Sleman which is still a turtle, they always include tempe element into tumpeng or food to commemorate the day of his brother's death, for kenduri, maulid nabi, even in Kraton so one of the offerings king ", he said, in Surabaya on Wednesday (21/3).

In addition to areas in Central Java, in East Java is still a Matraman area such as Madiun, Ponorogo, Pacitan and Trenggalek also still thick with the traditions that include elements of tempe.

"Even the way to eat it also has meaning, like wrapped in banana leaves or served in daung banana sheet with rice and other side dishes, and tempeh is not cut into pieces because it symbolizes unity", he explained.

As another proof, in 1925-1985 there was a traditional song of Tofu tempeh by Ki Nartosabdo (1925-1985) until there is the term 'isuk tempe dele afternoon' (morning tempe, afternoon soybean) which describes the situation of the staple food of the community was tempe.

Although only about 30% of raw materials of local tempe or soybeans and 70% imported soybeans, but did not distinguish the taste of tempeh. Ngadiman hopes the government will care about this cultural heritage, one of which will increase local soybean production in order not to depend on imports.

"The government must move again soybean crops, and fertile rice fields should not be spent on the construction of houses. I am sure soy production brings many benefits and economy ", he said.

Previously, Chairman of Tempe Indonesia Forum, Made Astawan said, before it was proposed to be a world cultural heritage in Unesco, tempe must first be accepted and recognized as a national cultural heritage.

Since a few years ago, FTI itself continues to fight for tempe to go international.

"We should be grateful that the tempe has just been accepted and adopted by Indonesia as a national cultural heritage in October last year so that it is ready to advance to UNESCO in 2021 to get recognition", he explained.

He explained that if tempe entered in UNESCO, it is believed to excite the Indonesian people, especially young people who are creative in developing tempe products and innovation.

"Just like batik is finally accepted by UNESCO in 2009. The impact of young people now without shame all the batik wear even modified", he said.

He hopes, in front of young people are not shy again eating tempe because the tempe is accepted in the world, and always served in every corner of places such as hotels, restaurants, even now has often been used as food menu in the flight to export and received by 20 countries such as Japan, Britain, the United States and some other European countries.

Made added, the requirement to advance to UNESCO is quite heavy, one of which documents must be complete. But he was sure the tempe of Indonesia can be accepted even if other countries also apply tempe.

"We believe that Indonesia is accepted, because we have strong evidence, it is in the chentini fiber book that shows that tempe has been known since the 16th century", he added.

In the future, he continued, Indonesian people should be willing to try and learn to produce tempe in a hygienic way to be able to meet international standards and acceptable to the world market.

"Making tempe is easy and inexpensive, but if it meets that standard is difficult. So we have to improve the way of production, such as must wash hands, wear gloves, no longer used drums but use stainless steel ", he said. (

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