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The Governor Exposes the Concept of Three Pillars Plus in Front of Hundreds of Seskoad Pasis


16 April 2018
The Governor Exposes the Concept of Three Pillars Plus in Front of Hundreds of Seskoad Pasis

Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo explained the concept of three pillars plus applied in East Java in front of hundreds of Shiva officers (Pasis) School Staff and Command of the Army (Seskoad). The three pillars plus is a synergy between local government, TNI POLRI, DPRD Parpol, plus religious leaders (Toga) and community leaders (Tomas).

"These three pillars plus must support each other, so it can create a safe and comfortable conditions. Especially before the elections Serentak later, "said Pakde Karwo greeting familiar Governor of East Java when filling a public lecture to PASS Dikreg LVI School Staff and Command TNI Army (Seskoad) in Building Jend. Gatot Subroto Seskoad, Jl. Gatot Subroto 96, Bandung, Monday (16/4/2018).

According to him, the creation of conditions that are safe and conducive is the prerequisite for the development process. If growth and development increase, then the welfare of the people also increases. It was believed to be an interlocking iron triangle. "The three pillars plus this is a solid foundation building that will have a positive impact, especially in creating an atmosphere of harmony in the region," he added.

Pakde Karwo explained that the meeting of three pillars plus at the provincial level routinely held every 2 times a year. This is important to be able to anticipate conflict early at the district level village. "Through this activity, early detection and early prevention of problems that may arise can be addressed at the bottom level," he said.

Added, synergy steps three pillars plus to be able to solve the problem start at the bottom level Command and optimize the role of Forkopimda. In addition, by optimizing the role of the Multiple Harmony Forum (FKUB), BIN potential community, Basarda, BPBD, LLAJ forum, and national hospitality forum.

"Starting two years it was decided that cases that occur in the village must be completed at the sub-district level. Therefore Babinsa and Babinkamtibmas are indispensable for maintaining stability in the whim, "explained Pakde Karwo.

Furthermore, the compactness of three pliar plus in East Java has been able to give the effect of decreasing crime, crime rate, and number of demo. Especially for the demonstration, East Java Provincial Government has made an agreement with the protesters if the substantive problem will be met by the governor.

"I am sure if the three pillars plus can continue to synergize in creating a safe and comfortable conditions, then the red and white will continue to fly, "said Pakde Karwo.(zainuddin).

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