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Telkom Guarantee UNBK At 11 Thousand Lancar


11 April 2018
Telkom Guarantee UNBK At 11 Thousand Lancar

After successfully supporting the implementation of the program UNBK (Computer Based National Examination) in 2016 and 2017, this year Telkom is believed to support and escort the Internet network for the National Computer-Based Exam (UNBK) in 11 thousand more high school SMA, MA, SMP, and SMK se Jatim, Bali, and Nusra.

"This is the third year we set up an internet network for 11,861 Junior High School, Senior High School, MA and Vocational Schools to attend UNBK in East Java, Bali and Nusra" For this matter, he added, it has deployed the potential of reliable internet access network infrastructure owned by Telkom, ranging from satellite access to fiber optic access network.

Until today, when the UNBK implementation has started running for high school level, MA, Telkom continues to supervise and monitor the smoothness of its implementation in 78 cities
district of East Java, Bali, Nusra.

"We have prepared a special post for this UNBK, where if there is interference, then the school can report to Posko hotline of each region" he added.

UNBK is currently using the semi-online system, where the exam is sent from the central Education Department server through the network to the local server in the schools, new from the server at the school is distributed using the intranet network to the device (device) -user user. The test results are then sent back from the local server (school) to the central server online (upload).

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