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SUPER POWER PLN Jamin Terang Sak Lawase


03 April 2018
SUPER POWER PLN Jamin Terang Sak Lawase

Bob Saril (tengah) sedang mencoba layangan SUPER POWER.(zainuddin).

Synergy between PT PLN (Persero) Distribution East Java with the business world, especially industrial, business and housing segments also support PLN Distribution East Java spawned a variety of innovations.
Two important points is what underlies PLN Distribution East Java launched a new innovation products and electrical services titled SUPER POWER, Tuesday (03/4/2018) at Dyandra Convention Hall Surabaya.

Pinto Raharjo Deputy Manager of Communications and Community Development PLN Distribution East Java said, until the end of 2017, PLN East Java Distribution has melistriki 11 million customers. The peak load is 5,286 MW with power reserves of up to 1,787 MW.

"The reserves are ready to be used to supply electricity to investors throughout East Java," Pinto Raharjo said.

SUPER POWER or diSkon angsUran Plus voucher and Pln Oneday Warranty EneRgizing is the latest innovation of product and service of electricity from PLN Distribution East Java. It consists of nine superior product packages for customers and prospects and two acceleration services.

Not only excellent products and services are cheap, easy and fast, SUPER POWER presents gifts and special vouchers for customers and prospective customers.

General Manager of PLN Distribution East Java, Bob Saril, in his presentation said that this SUPER POWER provides convenience, low prices and fast process for customers and prospective customers. The availability of sufficient capable power and reliability assurance is always strived also by PLN.

"Principal e, Super Power, Electric Joss e, Bright Sak Lawase. PLN Total Solution, "concludes Bob Saril in his presentation.

SUPER POWER consists of nine Super products that are Super Lega or install New Install and Add Power (Power 450 VA - 197 kVA) up to 24 times with downpayment (DP) 0 plus discounts on electronic goods shopping.

Super Home or ease of installment New Install for residential developers plus electronic goods, internet and IP TV, Super Smart Home or Premiun Without Shelter.

Next Super Hepi or Discount Power Add charge for Industry and Business. Super Hepi A or Discounted fees and additional power installments for industry and business. Super Free or New and add power charges with DP 0 and 1 million rupiah first installment for industry and business.

Furthermore, Super Premium or Installment install new and add power with high reliability. Super Ultima or Anti voltage dip and anti-off with the installation of DRUPS and Super Bill Solution or Electricity bill payment cooperation between customers with Bukopin.

In addition to the nine products, PLN Distribution East Java also launches two Power services namely Bung Sigap Numpak Molis or Electricity Connecting Team using electric motors operating in Metropolis Area (Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Gresik) and Power Bank or New pace acceleration and power change by using transformers, cubicles and moving cables or G2CB.

After the presentation, General Manager of PLN Distribution of East Java, Bob Saril along with the whole range of management, witnessed by all invited guests, officially launched the product and service SUPER POWER.

"SUPER POWER is valid from 3 April 2018 to 31 December 2018," said Bob Saril.

It is hoped that with the breakthroughs of these products and services, it will further enhance the easiness of getting electricity for the sake of customer satisfaction and ease of doing business in Indonesia (zainuddin).

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