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Quarter I-2018 East Java Inflation 3.05 Percent


09 Mei 2018
Quarter I-2018 East Java Inflation 3.05 Percent

Bank Indonesia recorded economic growth in East Java in the first quarter of 2018 grew by 5.50 percent (yoy), higher than the national (5.06 percent (yoy) .The high economic growth in East Java, and decreased imports.

Deputy Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia of East Java Province, Harmanta, economic growth in East Java is higher than the national level. If this can be maintained until the end of the year, then the economic growth of East Java could be higher than the national.

Meanwhile for April 2018 inflation stood at 0.18 percent (mtm) or 3.05 percent (yoy), still in the range of the inflation target of 3.5 percent ± 1 percent. One of the factors driving this inflation is the rise in onion prices in line with the high rainfall and the increasing demand for chicken meat and eggs before the fasting month.

"The increase in the price of chicken meat and eggs has been predicted as historical data before Idul Fitri, for eggs rise around H-40 before Idul Fitri, and the return of H-15 before Idul Fitri follow the pattern of people who like to prepare cookies and Ramadan dishes," said Harmanta .

With regard to this pattern, Harmanta also believes that the price of foodstuffs and other items will remain under control with sufficient supply in this Ramadhan period (zainuddin).

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