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Puspa Agro Coconut Exports to Toronto


28 Maret 2018
Puspa Agro Coconut Exports to Toronto

Eldpor kelapa ke Toronto Kanada.(zainuddin).

Puspa Agro Jemundo Sepanjang Sidoarjo started to develop wings by cooperating with PT Mitra Mina Agro (MMA) by exporting semi hushed coconut (coconut peeled husk) to Toronto, Canada.

Humas Puspa Agro Jemundo Sidoarjo, Suhartoko, at his office on Tuesday (27/3/2018) said that as a trading center, Puspa Agro has a fascination and a strong magnet for agro-based business (agriculture) .The main market of agricultural commodities is not only distributed to market- local and regional markets, inter-island markets, and even exports have been penetrated.

One of them is coconut commodity which is now a favorite for agro business, besides various fruits, vegetables, and crops. Among the business people of PT Mitra Mina Agro who is now developing coconut business in Puspa Agro specifically to meet the export market. From Lapus Puspa Agro, since early March 2018, PT MMA has been exporting coconut peeled coconut to Toronto, Canada.

The prime exports were carried out by dispatching a container of 40 feet or about 26.5 tons. Followed by a second export also to Canada with the same volume. In addition to Canada, the plan, semi hushed coconut is also exported to Thailand, China, Dubai, Pakistan, and India.

Director of PT MMA, Nanang Soengkono said, in addition to semi hushed coconut, from Puspa Agro, MMA will also export white copra and white meat. Both products are also projected for export markets with destination countries: India, Thailand, Srilanka, China, Dubai, India, and United States (US). From the area of Puspa Agro, continued Nanang, MMA will also operate a greated coconut factory (grated coconut) with the aim of exports to Canada, US, and several countries in Europe.

The coconut that goes to Puspa Agro comes from a number of regions in Indonesia. From East Java, coconut is widely supplied from Banyuwangi, Lumajang, Jember, and Trenggalek. In addition, the coconut from Pangandaran, Central Java also flows to Puspa Agro. Not only that, coconut from a number of production centers in Sulawesi, such as Luwuk, Toli-toli, Palu, Gorontalo, and Flores also go to Puspa Agro.

In the folk market the distribution of coconut from Puspa Agro is distributed to Surabaya and Sidoarjo markets and some areas in East Java, such as Gresik, Babat Lamongan, Tuban, Bojonegoro, Mojokari Mojokerto, Pare Kediri, Kertosono. In fact, from Puspa Agro coconut is also distributed to Jatirogo Cepu, Solo, and Yogyakarta. (Zainuddin).

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