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Property Sector Prospectus in East Java Very Good


06 Mei 2018
Property Sector Prospectus in East Java Very Good

Grand Operning Apartemen One East Residence, di Jl. Kertajaya Surabaya, Sabtu (5/5/2018).

The property sector prospectus in East Java is very good. This is because the income per capita and the growth of upper middle class in East Java continue to increase, as well as the number of occupancy needs that have not been met or backlog in East Java is quite high.

It was presented by Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo at the Grand Operning One East Residence Apartment, on Jl. Kertajaya Surabaya, Saturday (5/5/2018) pm.

Backlog residential umah in East Java, clearly Pakde Karwo-greeting familiar Governor of East Java, reaches 1.026.000, while income per capita of East Java this year reached 4.275 US $, and next year predicted 4,400 US $. Meanwhile, the middle and upper middle class of East Java rose 350 thousand. "It means we are already in the upper middle income. So, property prospectus in East Java is very good "he added.

As an indication of the middle class increase, according to Pakde Karwo, there was a decrease of motorcycle sales by 54 thousand, but on the other hand, there was an increase of 9,200 more for the sale of four wheeled vehicles 1500 cc down.

With the rise of the middle class they will be, he added, the income of the people of East Java also increased. A portion of the income is used for recreational purposes, and non-consumption of drinking, including buying property. Moreover, there are still many people who do not have a dwelling.

Therefore, Pakde Karwo optimistic the property market in East Java is very bright. Plus, East Java is the best place to invest. "Easy of doing business ¬Jatim number one in Indonesia, according to the 2018 publication of the Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI), Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore" he said.

Related One One Residence, the Governor of Madiun birth is very supportive of the existence of apartments in the middle of the city. "This is a good example of building vertical buildings in urban areas, we hope similar projects can be built in Malang, Jember, Kediri and Madiun. Because the land to build houses here more limited "he said.(adit/zainuddin).

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