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Productivity Kian Meningkat, East Java Provincial Government Continue Develop Fisheries


05 Mei 2018
Productivity Kian Meningkat, East Java Provincial Government Continue Develop Fisheries

The productivity of the fishery sector in East Java continues to increase, so as to provide outstanding contribution to East Java GRDP. Therefore, East Java Provincial Government continues to develop this sector from upstream to downstream in order to optimize the results, and provide a positive impact for improving the health and welfare of the community

This was conveyed by Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo who is familiarly called Pakde Karwo, when opening Jatim Fish And Marine Exhibition (JFME) in 2018 at Dome Parking East Delta Plaza, Friday (4/5/2018) nights.

Described, fishery production in 2017 reached about 1.6 million tons, consisting of aquaculture production of 1,189,494 tons, and the production of capture fisheries of 427,459 tons. "The productivity growth of this sector is remarkable, because in 2012 the productivity is still at 800 thousand tons," he said.

This productivity, continued Pakde Karwo, positively impact on the contribution of fisheries and marine sector to East Java GRDP, which amounted to Rp. 50.99 trillion or 2.53% of total East Java GDP is Rp. 2.019.2 trillion in 2017. While the export results of fishery products in 2017 amounted to 198.866,761 tons with a value of 1.2 billion US $ or about Rp. 16 trillion.

In order to increase the productivity of this sector, added the Governor of Madiun birth, East Java Provincial Government apply the original concept of East Java, upstream to downstream development of fisheries, by adding value commodity fishery community through industrialization in farmers. To that end, the provincial government through increased start of Human Resources (SDM), access to capital, processing techniques, until the strategy of selling fishery products.

For HR, Pakde Karwo ask for one day fishing practice or one day fishing that fishermen can do abandoned, it is expected fishermen can 2-3 days to catch fish. "If 2-3 days, of course more catches. So the boat is increased capacity to fit more fish, once the 5 gross tons (GT), now can be 10-20 GT "he said.

Then after the docks, fishermen are expected not directly sell the fish catch, but processed first into primary industrial products, or secondary. For example, processed into abon, krispi, nugget, fish meatballs, and so on, so as to have added value, as well as diversification of fishery products.

"We provide training and skills to the fishermen to be able to process the catch, then for capital, we provide capital access to fishermen with a light interest rate, only 6%. Much lighter than the products of the financial services industry in banking in general "he explained.

Then, East Java Provincial Government will also build a special vocational school of fisheries and maritime in areas adjacent to the sea. "There will be a special vocational school to process fish to have added value and acceptable to the international market, then there is also a vocational school related to marine, so the graduates can understand marine technology, if there is a damaged boat can also improve" he said.

Pakde Karwo optimistic that the original concept of East Java will be successful and can improve the welfare of farmers and fishermen. "This concept of genuine once, native of East Java, increasing the prosperity of farmers, not because of adding land, but processing the catch to have added value" he concluded.

Increased Fish Consumption Rate

Met reporters after the event, Chairman of the Fish Increasing Improvement Forum (FORIKAN) Java, Dra. Hj. Nina Kirana Soekarwo said, the level of fish consumption in East Java has increased significantly. If it only reached 16 kg / capita / year, but now has reached 34 kg / capita / year.

"This is a big progress, we together with TP PKK invites all heads of TP PKK district / city to form FORIKAN, and managed to increase public awareness about the importance of consuming fish. This is not easy, because there is a myth if the fish eat it later worms, whereas on the contrary, fish is very nutritious "he said.

Bude Karwo, his familiar greeting added, consuming fish helps improve intelligence and useful for children's growth, especially toddlers. Therefore, on various occasions, it never tired to remind the public about the importance of consuming fish.

"Every year we organize fish cooking competitions, and involve famous chefs. This is one effort to give birth to innovations and creations about processed fish, so it is not monotonous just fried. One innovation is to make fish food for children with cartoon characters, so they are interested to eat it "he concluded. (Zainuddin).

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