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Problem of Crash of Widang Bridge Allegedly Because of Overload


18 April 2018
Problem of Crash of Widang Bridge Allegedly Because of Overload

Ir Chomaedhi CES GEO saat ditemui di ruangannya.(ist/zainuddin).

The collapse of Widang Bridge connecting Lamongan Regency with Tuban Regency, made one of the construction experts at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya Ir Chomaedhi CES GEO took part in speaking. He suspects, the overload of the cause of the collapse of the old ring bridge built in 1983.

The reason, according to ITS Civil Infrastructure Engineering lecturer, when there was one dump truck and two tronton tronton passing through the span of the bridge. He explains, when through the planning phase, there are regulations that regulate the burden allowed through the bridge. However, at present the regulation is beginning to change following reforms from the government.

If the former first-class bridge has a 45 ton load limit, it can currently reach 50 tons. In the case of the Widang bridge that takes the two victims, the total load capable of being retained by the bridge is only 45 tons with a tolerance ratio of 1.5. Or the maximum load is 70 tons. "One dump truck and two tronton could be the increase in load reached two percent, the main suspicion of overload," he said.

The argument is also reinforced by the position of the collapse of the bridge. Fractures occur only on one span of the bridge, while the foundation is still functioning well. "If the truck passes in turns, maybe the bridge is still safe. But if passing simultaneously, automatic bridge will collaps, "he added.

On the other hand, Chomaedhi continued, the absence of control over the load that may pass the bridge is suspected to be one factor of the collapse of the bridge. As is known, there are no weigh bridges that are useful as the control of the number of cargo allowed. "The bridge is long, if mengincuti new regulations from the government that can mark up to 20 percent certainly will not be strong," he explained.

The lecturer from Bawean Island advised that the repair of Widang Bridge will also consider the weight of the load allowed. Especially now there is technology in the form of sensors that can be installed at certain points along the span and able to detect the condition of the bridge. "The regulation must be adhered to, jembantan must really accommodate the regulation of vehicle load and earthquake regulations of course," he concluded. (ist/zainuddin).

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