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Prepare Quality Graduates, ITS Hold MNU Open Double Degree


17 Mei 2018
Prepare Quality Graduates, ITS Hold MNU Open Double Degree

Departemen Teknik Perkapalan ITS Surabaya.(zainuddin).

The need for competent human resources in the shipping industry encourages the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya to prepare qualified graduates in shipbuilding. Based on that, in the academic year 20182019, the Department of Shipping Engineering ITS in cooperation with Mokpo National University of South Korea opened a double degree program for undergraduate degree.

Backed by the request of the Indonesian government for ITS to produce internationally-graduated graduates, making it more incentive to cooperate with overseas universities. One of them is cooperation between ITS Shipping Department with Mokpo National University (MNU).

Head of the Department of Shipping Engineering, Ir Wasis Aryawan MSc PhD, said South Korea's condition as the world's largest shipbuilder contributed to the opening of this double degree. The reason, the students felt it necessary to learn from MNU as the motor of the industry. "This cooperation contributes to providing quality graduates," he said.

In addition to producing quality graduates, according to Wasis, this cooperation is also targeted to open an international business network for students in the future. "Here students are prepared to be able to face problems in the world of work later," said Wasis.

The first ever program for the Shipping Technique is also able to open up graduate opportunities to work in Korea. Practical work and thesis work there become key students to study their work ethic and discipline. "Hopefully after returning home, they can apply their knowledge in Indonesia," added the Newcastle University alumnus.

This double degree program was set after the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on 4 April 2018. This year can only be done through Partnership and Mandiri (PKM) Program with a capacity of 40 people. "There is no special requirement for the applicants, it's just going to do an English test at the end of selection of new admissions," explained the man from Bojonegoro it.

Students who are graduated and accepted into double degree programs will follow intensive English and Korean language courses. They will be studying for three years at ITS and one year in Korea with the English language of instruction. The defined semester credit system (SKS) is 82 in ITS and 63 in MNU. "They will get a ST from ITS and BEng from Korea," he added.

At the end of the interview, the bespectacled man added that the center of the shipping industry never settled, always moving from one country to another. Once the Europeans became the initiators of shipping expeditions, stepping on the 90s the ship's industrial center is in the hands of Japan, and now in the era of 2000 its center shifted to Korea and China. This does not close the possibility of industrial centers that switch to Indonesia.

"It is not impossible if Indonesia will also be the center of the world's ship industry, therefore we are preparing ourselves to welcome it," he concluded. (

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