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PCPI held Indonesia Chef Expo 2018 in Supermal


27 Maret 2018
PCPI held Indonesia Chef Expo 2018 in Supermal

For the first time in Indonesia, Perkumpulan Chef Professional Indonesia (PCPI) organized Indonesia Chef Expo 2018 at Supermal Convention Center, Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya on 4-6 May 2018.

PCPI Chairman Bambang Nurianto said the Expo aims to raise the potential and profession of Professional Chef Indonesia to the global market. Trying to introduce the ins and outs of the chef profession, and inspire the younger generation, as well as increase the capacity of each chef. The ultimate goal is to create an integrated ecosystem of the culinary industry and the profession of the chef.

PCPI as the organizer, and the expo conceptors are formed by the common vision of the Indonesian Professional Chefs to improve Indonesian culinary to the global market, elevate the life and capacity of the Chefs, form a global network, and inspire future generations to enter the Chef profession.

Various series of activities have been prepared at Indonesia Chef Expo 2018, among others: Cooking Demo by Celebrity Chef Vindex Tengker, Giorgio Diana, Chef Kelanda, etc .. Online Cooking Competition which chose 24 Chef Ambassadors in Indonesia, also Cooking Competition which raised local menu with international standard.

"Various interesting retail programs have also been prepared by vendors, and tenants, visitors can enjoy a variety of foods sold in Indonesia Chef Expo prepared by Indonesian chefs," said Chef Bambang Nurianto.

According to Bambang Nurianto, PCPI also held the first PCPI National Conference, during ICE 2018 to strengthen the PCPI network in all provinces in Indonesia.

Indonesia Chef Expo will strengthen the variety of tourism activities especially in Surabaya, and lift the local economy indirectly. Indonesia Chef Expo is specifically designed to invite the support parties to join in this expo and together to grow the creative economy of Indonesian culinary.

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