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PCPI and Indonesian Chef Expo 2018


06 Mei 2018
PCPI and Indonesian Chef Expo 2018

Wali Kota Surabaya Ir Tri Rismaharini membuka Munas.(zainuddin).

Indonesian Professional Chef Association (PCPI) held its first National Congress and held Indonesia Chef Expo 2018 at Supermal Convention Center, Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya on 4-6 May 2018.

The Expo, with the theme of Introduce Chef's Life, aims to introduce the ins and outs of the chef profession, and inspire the younger generation, and increase the capacity of each chef.

Chairman of the Indonesian Professional Chef Association (PCPI) Chef Bambang Nurianto said dilatorbelkangi lately a lot of Chef (expert chef) who do not have a certain standard of expertise and lack of knowledge of digital communications cause competitiveness at national and international levels become an obstacle for every man chef in homeland.

Munas aims to unite all professions in the field of culinary Indonesia in realizing the aspirations of the nation's kemadirian able to provide benefits and quality improvement of both human resources and culinary heritage resources indinesia

In addition to enrich and maintain Kazanah Culinary Archipelago together with experts and culinary actors Indonesia to be tricked mengkatakan cultural heritage culinary and able to take part in the international world

Excavating the resources of the entire culinary heritage of the archipelago to become an internationally recognized pride identity of the world.

Able to increase the potential of Indonesia's natural resources both in the field of fishery and marine, agriculture and plantations and other natural products to become commodities processed with added value and high selling value.

The Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, in his speech said optimism that one day Indonesia will be famous for its culinary. Because there is no other country as rich as culinary diversity in Indonesia.

Regarding certification, the Mayor of Surabaya confirmed that he will guard the process. Because certification is important for the revival of culinary, especially culinary Surabaya.

He directed to PCPI, that all PCPI members are expected to collect, identify food, drink or snack. Make notes, its history and so on, so it is known its origin. And last and most importantly, do not forget to patent.

Chairman of the National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP), Ir. Sumarna F Abdurrahman said it had recently received information about the establishment of the Indonesian Professional Chef Association. Which one of its missions to certify the chef so that it can be recognized not only in the domestic, but also can speak at the national and regional levels.

And we will as soon as possible to speed up the certification process.
The National Assembly was followed by 150 people from 27 DPD from Aceh to Maluku and 13 DPC in Java and Sumatera.

The 3-day Expo is filled with various activities such as Cooking Demo, Fruit Carving Workshop, Jazz Competition, art performance by Jazz Heritage and PCPI Chef competition. (Zainuddin).

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