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Supply of Basic Substance for Ramadhan and Lebaran Aman


20 April 2018
Supply of Basic Substance for Ramadhan and Lebaran Aman

Beras dari Jatim dikirim ke 16 provinsi di Indonesia.(zainuddin).

In order to ensure controlled inflation in East Java within the inflation target range of 3.5% ± 1% in 2018, the East Java Inflation Control Team (TPID) and all TPID 38 Kota / Kabupaten hold a High Level Meeting (HLM) TPID East Java. HLM activities as well as Regional Coordination Meeting (Rakorwil) TPID East Java was held on Thursday, April 19, 2018 with the theme "Management of Food Commerce in order to Maintain Stability of Price Ahead of National Religious Day" and led directly by Soekarwo, East Java Governor always Chairman of East Java Provincial TPID with Enggartiasto Lukita, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and accompanied by Difi A. Johansyah, Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia of East Java Province.
Difi A. Johansyah said that based on current price monitoring, the movement of strategic commodity prices in East Java is still relatively stable. In addition, there is an indication that for rice commodity price convergence or price difference between districts / cities in East Java decreases, which affects the minimum risk of commodity price volatility. Meanwhile, Soekarwo in his presentation said that there are 16 provinces outside East Java depend on rice supply from East Java. Therefore, price movements in East Java will have an impact on prices in other regions, so it needs to be encouraged more effective and efficient commodity tataniaga which also aims to reduce disparity between regions.
On the occasion, Enggartiasto Lukita also said that East Java is in safe condition, even a surplus for some strategic commodities such as chicken meat. One of the important things in maintaining price stability is good stock management, especially for volatile and seasonal commodities.
In supporting the availability of supplies in various regions prior to Ramadan and Lebaran, the strategies undertaken include (i) Periodic monitoring of prices; (ii) Monitoring stock / supply availability at price stabilization outlets; (iii) Ramadan Cheap Market; (iv) Market Operation of Freight Fare Support simultaneously, for 4 (four) strategic food commodities, namely rice, sugar, wheat flour and cooking oil; (v) and Situational Market Operation in the event of price pressure beyond the above 4 (four) strategic food commodities. This market operation aims to maintain the stability of strategic commodity food prices in East Java so that people's purchasing power is maintained and East Java inflation pressure remains under control.
In the series of coordination meeting activities, the launching of Rice Delivery by Bulog out of East Java by the Minister of Trade, East Java Governor and Head of East Java Provincial BI Representative as part of TPID East Java effort to ensure availability of supply during Ramadhan. In addition, also signed a Joint Agreement between the Governor of East Java with Kadivre Bulog Jatim associated with Transportation Fee subsidy program.
With the various programs and strategies agreed by TPID East Java, it is expected that East Java inflation ahead of Ramadhan and Lebaran and the whole of 2018 can be controlled and the availability of strategic food commodities of the community can be more awake. Therefore, we urge the community to take an active role in maintaining the inflation stability in East Java by buying enough goods and reasonably because the East Java food supply ahead of Eid is expected to be safe.(zainuddin).

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