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Pakde Karwo Optimistic East Java On The Track Inclusive Economy


17 April 2018
Pakde Karwo Optimistic East Java On The Track Inclusive Economy

Pakde Karwo ketika memberikan keterangan pada wartawan di gedung DPRD Jatim.(zainuddin).

Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo optimistic that East Java is on the right track or on the track to achieve an inclusive economy. This is based on the performance of economic growth, inflation rate, poverty reduction, decreased Unemployment Rate (TPT) of East Java is getting better in the Year 2017.

The optimism was conveyed by Pakde Karwo, the greeting of the Governor of East Java when giving an Executive Commentary on the Faction's View of the Report on Governor's Responsibility for Budget Year 2017 in the Plenary Session of DPRD at the Parliament Building in East Java on Tuesday (17.

Pakde Karwo said economic growth in East Java in the year 2017 reached 5.45% or above the national recorded 5.07%. While the inflation rate in East Java in the same year reached 4.04%. Higher economic growth than the inflation rate indicates the distribution of goods and services in East Java very smoothly. "Then, can also be interpreted that the purchasing power of the higher society" he said.

The growth of this economy, added Pakde Karwo, also gives a significant influence on the performance of poverty reduction in East Java, where in 2017 poverty in East Java stood at 11.20%, down from the year 2016 which was recorded at 11.85%. While TPT in East Java also decreased, in the Year 2017 stayed at 4%, while in 2016 is still at 4.21%.

Added, the positive correlation of economic growth in East Java with human development is reflected from Human Development Index (IPM), where HDI in East Java rose from 69.74% in 2016 to 70.27% in 2017. For these positive achievements, Pakde Karwo believes East Java is already on the track to get the inclusive economy.

"The performance of economic growth, poverty reduction and TPT, and low inflation illustrate that economic growth in East Java on the track is inclusive, and stability can be handled well, our macro economy is very good. It is this factor that affects the improvement of welfare, including the lower middle class "he added.

IKM Jatim Reaches 81.33 Percent

On the same occasion, Pakde Karwo also said that the Satisfaction Index of the Community (IKM) of East Java on the performance of regional government in 2017 reached 81.33 percent. This achievement indicates that people are satisfied with public service in East Java.

"It is hardly found elsewhere, people are satisfied with the performance of government, both government and DPRD to reach 81.33%. This is very good, because at the national level, the political perception is low, that is below 50. But in East Java can reach 81.33%, thanks to the government and all members of parliament "he said.

Plenary Discuss Four Agenda

The DPRD plenary session this time discussed four agendas. First, Executive Answers to the Faction's View of the Governor's Accountability Statement Report for Fiscal Year 2017, and second, Response and or Reply to the opinion of the governor on the DPRD initiative raperda on the strengthening of tolerance and diversity in East Java.

The third agenda is divided into 3 sessions, namely the executive explanation related to the draft regulation on the amendment to Regulation No. 11 of 2016 concerning the establishment and composition of East Java Provincial Regulation, Raperda on PT Jatim Farma Utama, Raperda on the 3rd Amendment to Regulation No. 1 of 2006 on PT . Petrogas Jatim Utama. Meanwhile, the final agenda is the views of factions and other DPRD members on the proposal of the draft law on the formation of local legal products.

Present on this occasion, Sekdaprov Jatim, Dr. H. Akhmad Sukardi and the heads of the OPD in the East Java provincial government. (zainuddin).

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