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Pakde Karwo Improves Economic Cooperation with Azerbaijan


07 April 2018
Pakde Karwo Improves Economic Cooperation with Azerbaijan

Pakde Karwo melihat barang-barang yang dipamaerkan.(zainuddin).

Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo affirmed his desire to increase cooperation with Azerbaijan especially in the economic field such as trade, investment, and tourism.

This was conveyed during a dinner with Indonesian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Husnan Bey Fananie and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. Abdurrahman Mohammad Fachir at Wisma Embassy of Indonesia, Baku, Azerbaijan, Friday (6/4/2018) pm.

Opportunities for cooperation tsb, clearly Pakde Karwo, greeting attached to the Governor of East Java, potential to be improved, among others, supported by stable socio-political conditions in East Java with the people who always get along. In 2017 the value of social piety of East Java is 66 or almost no social conflict. Similarly, the economy of the province is getting better.

"In addition to improving the welfare of the community, what is done by Pemprov.Jatim also runs the mandate of Mr. President to increase the export value of the country," said

Meanwhile, Wamenlu Dr. Abdurrahman Mohammad Fachir expressed his support for the provincial government's step. This East Java. According to him, sell the economy and sell stable conditions as done by the provincial government. East Java also became selling. Therefore, the task of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy, especially ensuring all the mission of overseas children are successful and protected.

"For that, the people of Indonesia do not need to hesitate to use the Kemenlu and 131 representatives of Indonesia abroad," he said who agreed by Ambassador to Azerbaijan Husnan Bey Fananie.

Income Per Capita US $ 17,400

Azerbaijan whose population in July 2017 was about 9,961,396 was recorded per capita GDP of 2017 of US $ 17,400.

Based on data, East Java's trade balance with Azerbaijan during 2013-2017 shows a surplus of 10.09 million US $, or average share per year of total export of East Java of 0.01%. East Java export commodities to Azerbaijan a.l. soap and cleaning preparation, wood, wooden goods, while East Java not yet imported the product of this country.

Visits to Public Services

As part of his visit to Azerbaijan, Pakde Karwo also made a visit to Axanxidmat Baku, a public service that won the UN award for his achievements in providing the best service to the community.

The public service unit under the Azerbaijan presidency provides public services such as passports, visas, and with an average completion of only three hours. (zainuddin).

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