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Pakde Karwo Asks for the Role of Three Pillars Plus Fight Drugs


09 Mei 2018
Pakde Karwo Asks for the Role of Three Pillars Plus Fight Drugs

Pakde Karwo,(zainuddin).

East Java Governor Dr. H. Soekarwo asked for three pillars plus to participate in the fight against drugs in the area. The three pillars are babinsa, babinkamtibmas, village heads plus community leaders spread across 8501 villages
kelurahan in East Java.

The request was delivered when receiving a visit of the Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Komjen Pol. Heru Winarko at Grahadi State Building, Surabaya, Tuesday (85).

The existence of the three pillars plus, is considered very effective in detecting various problems of society in the area ranging from realizing comfort, peace, terrorism to drugs in East Java

Pakde Karwo greeting familiarly explained that the three pillars plus in East Java already has a protap that all problems arising in the region is quite resolved at the level of kelurahan village or maximum one level above it. No need to get to the district and city.

"We suggest, the three pillars in the district and city to be involved in drug eradication. They have complete facilities and infrastructure in detecting people's problems, one of them is drugs, "he explained.

Meanwhile, related to the prevention of drug dangers in East Java, Pakde Karwo offers for patients victims of drugs can be handled at the puskesmas level. The reason is, the limited number of hospitals that can help rehabilitate the recovery of drug victims, as well as many of the drug victims who do not want to report members of his family who were exposed to drugs to the hospital.

"This meeting is very productive. We have infrastructure ranging from puskesmas and land used as drug rehabilitation. Jatim also has 3,232 ponkesdes in the village and competent human resources. So to do mentoring is felt very enough, "he said.

Not only that, East Java provincial government also has ponkesdes and puskesmas pembantu (pustu) spread in 38 districts and cities. "We think this is a great idea. Later, if this can be a successful movement to eradicate drugs from the village and provide learning how to cope with drugs from the village, "he explained.

Berantas Drug Start From Village In the same place, Head of BNN Kom Komen Pol Police Heru Winarko is committed to eradicate drug problems starting from the village. Eradication of drugs starting from the village should be done in synergy with all village officials.

He agrees with Pakde Karwo who optimizes the role of the three pillars plus and the utilization of the leading public health clinics that can provide assistance to the handling and rehabilitation of drug victims.

According to him, the problem of drugs is not enough done by BNN alone. However, it should be implemented in a balanced manner and involves all parties, both the police, the TNI and the community. (nif/zainuddin).

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