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Pakde Karwo Asks Batik Artisans Not to Leave Culture


10 Mei 2018
Pakde Karwo Asks Batik Artisans Not to Leave Culture

Pakde dan Bude Karwo sedang memperhatikan tenun gedok Tuban.(zainuddin).

In the midst of the increasingly tight competition of craft products, one of the efforts that should be done by artisans is to improve the quality of the product. Efforts to increase this one by maintaining the characteristics and motifs of craft in accordance with culture or culture of each region.
This was conveyed by the Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo who is familiarly called Pakde Karwo when opening the Exhibition of Batik, Embroidery and Accessories Fair of the Year 2018 at Grand City Surabaya, Wednesday (9/5) afternoon.
Pakde Karwo said, in the motif of a piece of batik cloth contained a strong philosophy. So not just a picture, more than that there is a strong meaning to be conveyed in the motive.
Moreover, every area in East Java has a variety of batik motifs and describe the characteristics of each region as a grip that should be held.
"That good batik who has a philosophical message in every motive, this tremendous characteristic and definitely sell in the market. Not only batik, embroidery or accessories should also have a culture base, "he said.
According to him, batik products, embroidery and accessories from East Java are in demand not only domestic market but also abroad. He recounted his experience when visiting several countries, not infrequently he met the East Java product which then labeled other countries.
Seeing this condition, he continues to encourage the craftsmen and entrepreneurs of SMEs to continue to improve competitiveness. Where the key is the product must be quality, the price is cheap and the distribution is faster.
Pakde Karwo also hopes the crafters and perpetrators of this SME industry to be consistent and hold the key to business is honesty. "I still see the problem in the handicraft industry is the continuity of delivery of goods that have not been met, this must be continuously improved," he said.
The number one in East Java continues to be optimistic that the trade sector in East Java continues to increase where in 2017, inter-regional trade balance surplus of 164.49 trillion rupiah, an increase of 63.57 percent over the previous year which amounted to 100.56 trillion rupiah.
The increase in inter-regional trade shows domestic market share is still a promising opportunity. For that, he hopes the implementation of batik exhibitions, embroidery and accessories is able to become a good marketing event as part of efforts to improve the economy of East Java.
"I really appreciate this event, let alone it raised the matter of weaving typical of East Java," he said.
Bude Karwo Optimistic
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of East Java Province, Dra. Hj. Nina Soekarwo, M.Si said the exhibition of batik, embroidery and accessories is a reflection of the sense of nationalism where as the people of East Java have the pride of the nation's handicraft products.
 "For that Dekranasda East Java Province has high optimism that batik products, embroidery, weaving and accessories of East Java can compete in the global market, let alone supported by the existence of associations or associations as a forum for the development of this industry," said Bude Karwo, greeting sticky.
Until now, he added, Dekranasda in cooperation with East Java Provincial Government has provided facilitation for SMEs handicrafts. Among the facilitation of intellectual property rights (brands, copyrights, design) to 5.892 IKM, facilitation of barcode to 117 IKM, packaging design facilitation to 190 IKM and marking 156 IKM batik facilities.
"We also continue to provide training for IKM handicrafts such as mentoring the application of standards and consumer tastes, management training and product quality improvement through the implementation of SOP," explained the wife of the Governor of East Java.
In addition to these various steps, continued Bude Karwo, marketing this product is supported by the existence of 26 Trade Representative Office (KPD) in East Java in several provinces in Indonesia.
At the end of his speech, Bude Karwo asked the batik crafters to continue to innovate and improve the quality and quantity. Moreover, other provinces also continue to innovate. To the new batik, Bude Karwo advised to innovate while maintaining the grip and philosophy of existing batik.
On this occasion, Bude Karwo submitted product certificate of SNI mark on batik product to UD. Sekar Ayu Wilujeng (Batik) from Kab. Tuban, and ISO 9001-2015 certificate to CV. Wecono Asri and Kodok Ngorek II from Kediri City. Also, the certificate of batik mark to seven parties among them to EQ Batik from Kab. Bangkalan and UD. Shinta Jaya from Kab. Jombang.
Exhibition of batik embroidery and Accessories Fair is held from 9-13 May 2018 at the Exhibition Hall Grand City Surabaya. The theme is "The Allurement of Tenun Ikat Bandar Kidul Kediri". The exhibition was attended by 239 participants from 38 districts/city in East Java is also enlivened with fashion shows, talk shows, musical entertainment and coffee village.
Also present is Sekdaprov East Java. H. Akhmad Sukardi and his wife, Vice Chairman II Dekranasda East Java, as well as some Heads of OPD in East Java Provincial Government. (dewi/zainuddin).

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