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Pakde Karwo Asked BEM Actively for Development Guard


19 April 2018
Pakde Karwo Asked BEM Actively for Development Guard

President Unesa, Ahmad Noor Fuadi said memberikan cindera mata pada Pakde Karwo.(zainuddin).

Student Executive Board (BEM) as a forum of intellectual and high knowledge must actively assist and guard the course of development in East Java.

This was conveyed by the Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo while attending Consolidation BEM East Java 2018 at Gedung Loka Arta Praja Bapenda East Java Office Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo Surabaya, Thursday (19/4).

He said that productive student thinking should provide energy and positive contribution to development. The concept of quality development, is able to overcome and reduce poverty, unemployment and reduce disparity between urban and rural areas. "This is where the role of BEM as an intellectual forum to be able to be critical and active to oversee development in East Java," he said.

Pakde Karwo greeting familiar explained, BEM as an intellectual forum should not be affected by anything. However, its existence should give effect to the concept of community welfare in East Java. "This is a very serious thing, if students do not help the government then, the course of development in East Java will not be optimal," he said.

In front of President Mahasiswa (Presma) of East Java, he revealed in 2019 will happen demographic bonus in East Java. While the national will occur in 2030. Such conditions, should be utilized by students as a demographic bonus not as a demographic disaster.
One of the steps to face the challenge of the demographic bonus is the improvement of intelligent human resource quality and the preparation of infrastructure facilities.

"We are telling the BEM about what the future changes are like: our challenge is a demographic bonus will be a bonus or a disaster, so the solution is to improve the quality of human resources, infrastructure, in essence, we want to print a smart generation of good morals," he said.

In the field of education, East Java Provincial Government has conducted a moratorium on SMU and SMK by implementing a dual track program aimed at improving the quality of human resources to be more competitive. One of the steps is to improve the quality of formal education and add high school curriculum by inserting vocational education.

Another step, namely the implementation of vocational education to the informal sector such as the addition of International Training Center (BLK) with international standard, strengthen SMK Mini and cooperate with Germany. Believe, if the link and match between SMK with industry and company running, will meet the needs of workers in East Java.

Meanwhile, in the infrastructure sector, it will accelerate the development of toll roads, the improvement and maintenance of arterial roads, the construction of cross-southern coast and the acceleration of double track railway construction.

BEM Appreciation of East Java Economic Growth above National.

Meanwhile, Coordinator BEM Jatim who is also as President Unesa, Ahmad Noor Fuadi said, East Java under the leadership of Pakde Karwo admitted very positive. It can be seen from the increasing economic level. In fact, economic growth in East Java grew above the national economy. However, BEM is still seeing that the East Java Provincial Government must be able to overcome the gap that occurs in the city and village areas.

Not only that, the equality of employment should also be considered and is expected to touch the remote areas village and not only concentrated in city or industrial area.

"Our view is that economic growth should grow, but the gap should not be widened, the way that the distribution of jobs should not be concentrated in urban areas or industrial estates, but spreading to remote areas," he concluded.

Accompanying the Governor, Head of Education Ka. Bapenda, Ka. Bakesbangpol, Karo Adm Government, Karo Adm Economy and Plt Karo Adm Kessos Setdaprov Jatim. (nifzainuddin).

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