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Operation of Overload Control and Overdimensi on Toll Road Surabaya Gempol


26 April 2018
Operation of Overload Control and Overdimensi on Toll Road Surabaya Gempol

Opierasi kendaraan di jalan tol.(zainuddin).

Following the letter of Vice President Operation Management, Bagus Cahya AB CG.LL.01.375 number dated March 2nd, 2018 concerning Handling of Overloaded Goods Vehicle with Overdimension, Jasa Marga Surabaya Gempol in cooperation with the Pehubungan Service of Sidoarjo Regency and The Road Patrol Unit conducted a load controlling operation for freight vehicles on 25 April 2018.

The activity started at 08.00 am on April 25, 2018 located at Rest Area of Surabaya - Gempol Km Toll Road. 25 + 200 Line B. Purwantoro, as Traffic Service Manager said that this ordering program is done regularly. In 2017 is done every 3 months, but according to orders Director of Operations to better curb vehicle goods transport, the activity is reproduced frequency become monthly.

From the Department of Transportation in command by Arie Prabowo always Section Head of Operations Control and IPDA Herman Aris from PJR Unit, the activity that took place in Rest Line Area B Toll Road Surabaya Gempol, on the side lane of the former unused road is orderly without disturbing the flow of traffic others.

A total of 140 charged vehicles were netted on the operation, 100 vehicles were subject to a speeding ticket with 97 overload vehicles and 3 overdimension vehicles or unmanaged charges.

This means that around 71% of the vehicles that were netted were ticketed, 97% of which were ticketed due to overload payload and 3% due to overdimension. 40 vehicles or about 39% are not breaking and are welcome to continue their journey. For those who violate, the ticketing process is done on the spot by the colleagues PJR Toll Road Surabaya Gempol.

The activity ended at 10:45 pm. At the end of the event, it appears Ranto P Rajagukguk from BPJT who happened to be doing a visit in order to check the fulfillment of SPM in Toll Road Surabaya Gempol also attend and witness the operation of this charge controlling. (Zainuddin).

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