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Open Buffet Buffet With Traditional Menu Indonesia


12 Mei 2018
Open Buffet Buffet With Traditional Menu Indonesia

Menikmati menu Tradisional Indonesia.(zainuddin).

Welcoming the arrival of Ramadhan 1439 H, HARRIS Gubeng Hotel again presents a spectacular and well known fasting buffet, AL-BAZAAR vol 4, from May 17 to June 13, 2018 at HARRIS Café and Bright Ballroom from 17.30 to 20.30.

"Ramadan this time we will present the latest flagship menu, a unique blend of traditional dishes of Indonesia, namely Chicken Shawarma and Beef Shawarma, Rice Kebuli Goat and Mandy Chicken Rice. And a variety of unique traditional dishes, our chef creations, namely Seblak Ceker "call Setiawan Nanang, Marketing Communication Manager HARRIS Gubeng Hotel Surabaya.

Only Rp. 118.000, - net per person, can enjoy more than 100 items, consisting of Takjil dish, appetizer, various soups, main dishes to snack cover, taken from various regions in the archipelago, as well as some from mainland Asia, such as Malaysia, Japan, India and the Middle East, and change for each day. With its latest flagship menu, Chicken Shawarma & Beef Shawarma and Nasi Goreng Jahanam served live, it is expected that visitors get fresh dishes and can choose according to their wishes as well as entertainment because it is processed and cooked by the chefs directly in front of guests and visitors.

Nusantara and traditional dishes such as Lontong Racing, Lontong Sayur Cecek, Mixed Tahu, Tahu Tek, Ketupat Orem, Rujak Cingur, Rujak Tolet will also complete this break fasting.

"For those who already have plans to break the fast with friends office, family or relatives, we give a special price. Only Rp 108.000 net per person for those who make reservations for groups or groups. Enough with WhatsApp HARRIS Cafe at 0811 305 625 or contact HARRIS Hotel Gubeng at 031-501 1100 "added Iwan, a nickname of Setiawan Nanang.

As in previous years, because the demand is quite a lot and some visitors have to wait, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance at least 2 days before arrival, especially for you who will break the fast with family, colleagues or colleagues, to get certainty for the place available . For more information about the menu and reservation, call 031-501 1100 or WhatsApp HARRIS Cafe at 0811 305 625. (zainuddin).

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