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Not Many Know, This Department Have Good Job Prospects


05 April 2018
Not Many Know, This Department Have Good Job Prospects

Prospective students are often confused choosing the college majors. When asked about college plans, most new students tend to choose the favorite majors, such as Medicine, Management, Informatics Engineering, and others. But actually there are some majors are seldom selected but have a very wide job opportunities.

Some of the majors that have not been much in demand are Welding Techniques and Piping Techniques. Study Program (Prodi) offered by Surabaya State Shipping Polytechnic is a unique prodi and does not have many competitors in Indonesia.

Not many people understand the two studies. Every time there is an educational exhibition to the area, many high school students SMK/SMA  who does not understand the course and its prospects. No wonder, if the PPNS, the second interest program is still low.

The level of tightness is about 1: 7. Actually pretty good. But the registrant is still far below other majors in PPNS. Society when hearing the Welding Technique, in his shadow, will work welding iron, like a welder. Whereas the prospect works well, graduates will work as welding inspector and welding engineer.

"His work inspects the results of welding work. Graduates can work anywhere, including oil and gas company. Even if it is expert, he will be paid per cm or per-project, "said Adi Wirawan Husodo, Vice Director of Academic PPNS.

Not much different, prospective students also have no idea of the prospects of working piping technique. Graduates of Piping Engineering are now mostly absorbed in oil and gas companies or manufactures as Piping Engineers.

"Because of the little competition, so graduates are easier to get work, one reason for the low level of competition is because the female applicant is very small, in fact, there is no gender restriction for these two studies," added Adi.

Although the registrant is not as high as other prodi, Welding Engineering and Piping Engineering has been accredited A from BAN-PT. It shows that both courses are eligible to be selected. So still confused also select majors? (zainuddin).

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