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Majapahit Travel Fair Pride Tourism Actors and People of East Java


14 April 2018
Majapahit Travel Fair Pride Tourism Actors and People of East Java

Sekdaprof Dr H Ahmad Sukardi.(zainuddin).

Event Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF), which was held for 19 times by the Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) East Java, is the pride of the perpetrators of tourism and society.

"MTF is an international business meeting and tourism promotion, followed by domestic and foreign tourism actors," said East Java Provincial Secretary Akhmad Sukardi at the opening of MTF 2018 in Grand City Surabaua on Thursday (12/4/2018) evening.

He said, MTF produces transactions that continue to increase from year to year. In every implementation of the provincial government tries to make innovation strategy or follow national tourism trends.

"MTF is in demand by industry and society and the results can have a positive impact on the development of nature tourism as a whole and can improve the welfare of the community," he said.

Furthermore, he said, from year to year the world of tourism continues to experience quite encouraging developments, it can be seen in the performance indicators that include the number of foreign tourist arrivals to East Java, the average increased by 7.9% in the last five years and the number of movements tourist archipelago which experienced an average increase of 8.2%. "From 2013 to 2017 GDP of tourism sector grows significantly with an average increase of 11.8%," he said.

Seeing these developments, can not be denied that tourism is an important sector in the economy of East Java. "To increase revenue from the East Java government's tourism sector through the Culture and Tourism Office consistently organizes the annual MTF event," he added.

In addition, as part of the province of East Java, MTF was held to support the tourism ministry program in 2018, in increasing tourist visits, through the calendar of event of East Java which has a wealth of cultural events in 38 districts of the city where two of them nationally crowned as Jember city carnival, and Banyuwangi as a festival city. "We conduct a promotional strategy by supporting the implementation of tourism events in urban districts are summarized in 50 events in East Java tourism 2018," he explained. (zainuddin).

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