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Majapahit Travel Fair 2018 is targeted to Rp 59.2 Billion


08 April 2018
Majapahit Travel Fair 2018 is targeted to Rp 59.2 Billion

MTF yang digelar tanggal 12-14 April 2018.(zainuddin).

Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF) 2018 held April 12-15 at Grand City Surabaya is targeted to break the transaction Rp 59.2 billion, higher than the previous year amounted to Rp 58.05 billion.

Section Head of Promotion and Cooperation, Department of Tourism and Culture (Disbudpar) East Java, Maruf in his office Friday (6/4/2018).

said that as the biggest tourism exhibition in eastern Indonesia, MTF 2018 specifically highlighted Adventure Tourism to enhance the interest of young travelers and adventure seekers, to explore the amazing wonders of East Java.

"The Fan Trip location will take place in Stone Town and Mount Bromo. Later there is also a dinner for butlers, sellers, exhibitors, Forpimda, Head of East Java OPD, tourism associations, as well as regents and mayors, "he said.

Entering the 19th edition, MTF is a collaboration between East Java Disbudpar, Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) of East Java, and PT Debindo Mitra Tama, with full support from the Ministry of Tourism.

MTF 2018 features Travel Exchange (Travex) which will bring Seller and Buyer together in a round table session/
the top desk held at Hotel Bumi Surabaya on April 12, 2018

Presenting their best products and offers, Travex sessions will feature 66 sellers of various tourism businesses. Among these, 38 businesses from East Java, while 28 others came from various provinces in Indonesia including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and West Nusa Tenggara.

In addition to Travel Exchange, the main highlight of the event is Travel Exhibition and Travel Fair organized by PT Debindo Mitra Tama held at the Exhibition Hall of Grand City Convex Surabaya from 12 to 15 April 2018. More than 150 booths will exhibit and offer visited tours . various beautiful attractions of East Java and other provinces throughout the archipelago.

The Travel Fair is open to the public daily from 10.00 to 12.00 West Indonesia Time. Fair will also be enlivened with various games and competitions, performances and entertainment. (zainuddin).

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