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Launch Hybrid Corn Seed P36 Bekisar

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08 Mei 2018
Launch Hybrid Corn Seed P36 Bekisar

Jagung P36 Bekisar.(jib).

Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture division of DowDuPont launched the newest hybrid corn seed, P36 Bekisar, Monday (7/5) in Surabaya. These seeds have higher yields and are resistant to starch.

Benny Sugiharto, Country Manager of Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDupont said, with P36 Bekisar, farmers can get harvesting potential up to 13 MT / Ha, because it can be planted in a meeting population of up to 100,000 plants per hectare.

"The average yield of 9.6 MT / Ha, with harvest potential up to 13 MT / Ha, is higher than the national 5.2 MT / Ha," he said on the sidelines of P36 launching in Surabaya on Monday (7/5) .

According to Benny, with the same size of land, farmers can increase the population of plants that ultimately increase the yield potential up to 15%, this corn can also be harvested at 90 days. This will certainly benefit farmers, of course, with treatments ranging from fertilization, irrigation to proper care.

Benny further explains, morphologically plant P36 Bekisar grow uniformly, stems and leaves remain fresh, large and long cobs, bright red seed color, and this variety has resistance to the fungus or mushroom Peronosclerospora maydis.

"The majority of the animal feed industry likes these red beans," he explained.

Yuana Leksana, Marketing Manager of Pioneer Indonesia added, P36 was first planted in the land area of Jombang, East Java, the results were encouraging. According to Yuana, the current selling price of P36 Bekisar is around Rp 70 thousand - 75 thousand, although a little expensive, but the quality and yield is very high.

"If the calculated cost for the seed is only 7% of the total cost of planting, smaller than the cost of fertilizer, wage laborers until the lease of land," he said. Jib

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