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Langgar Marsimah Becomes Center for Building Spiritual and Social Piety


11 Mei 2018
Langgar Marsimah Becomes Center for Building Spiritual and Social Piety

Pakde Karwo dan langgar yang diresmikan.(zainuddin).

Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo expect Langgar Marsimah Jl. Dinoyo Langgar Surabaya became the center for building piety, not just spiritual, but also social piety. Way, this langgar is also used as a place to discuss daily activities.

"Besides being used for worship and worship to Allah SWT, this langgar is also used to discuss activities such as prevention of dengue fever (DB), cleaning the ditch, accompanying mothers who are pregnant to give birth, etc.," said Pakde Karwo-familiar greeting when inaugurated Langgar Marsimah located on Jl. Dinoyo Langgar Surabaya, Thursday (10/5).

DB problems, lanjutnnya, very important to be taken care of because this disease is very dangerous. Through this langgar, the spirit of movement prevents the DB from getting stronger. "There's already a DB jemantic group, it's great. Please imitate the mothers in Mojokerto Kota, have 10 years no DB, "he said while explaining it tbe materialized because mothers all check in the bathroom whether there is a mosquito larva or not.

In addition to the DB, he added, which is no less important is the volunteer to assist the mothers of pregnant women to give birth. The mentoring is very important because if during pregnancy have high blood pressure it will be or preklamsia or clamsia after childbirth that resulted in death.

Personally, Pakde Karwo gave appreciation to Martono family who had donated his land for the establishment of this langgar. "Mr. Martono is a native born here, and wants to build an environment here. Thank you, hopefully this langgar can provide barokah for the environment, and get blessings of Allah SWT "he concluded.

* Langgar Marsimah Amanah Orang Tua *

Met by journalists after the inauguration, representatives of the owner's family, Martono said, this langgar is owned by the family who is represented to the community. "This langgar land was once owned by the family of the late Marsimah and the late Siamin, our parents. Before both of them died, order the land to be represented to the community in the form of langgar.

Added, the construction process langgar standing on the land area of 240 m2 is quite fast, ie only six months with a cost of about Rp. 700 million from family urunan. In the future, this langgar is in addition to worship, like the activities of Taman Pendidikan Al-Qur'an, also for social activities.

In line with Pakde Karwo, in addition to maximized for worship, this langgar is also used for the cultivation of social values in the community, such as pengajian, social work, and the planting of noble value to the surrounding community. (adit/zainuddin).

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