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Kampoeng Kartini Aston Madiun


19 April 2018
Kampoeng Kartini Aston Madiun

Kampoeng Kartini di Aston Madiun. (zainuddin).

Raden Ajeng Kartini Djojo Adhiningrat or otherwise known as R.A Kartini, is one of the national heroes who are known to be striving for Indonesian women's emancipation.

R.A Kartini's thoughts about women's emancipation made him seek to promote indigenous women who at the time of the position of indigenous women remained far behind or had sufficiently low social status.

"One of the activities undertaken by R.A Kartini is teaching women in their villages to have more advanced thinking," said Emang Elham Praise, Public Relations
Aston Madiun Hotel and Conference Center.

Regarding the biography of R.A Kartini he was born on 21April 1879 in the city of Jepara, his birthday was commemorated as Kartini day to convey his services to the Indonesian people, especially women.

On the anniversary of Kartini April 2018 this time, Aston Madiun Hotel and Conference Center held a unique activity. Kampoeng Kartini became the theme of Kartini's anniversary this year.

Presents a railway that contains diamonds, typical Jepara food and antiques decoration to portray Kampoeng Kartini past. This memorial aims to commemorate the services and struggles of the hero R.A Kartini. As well as brand awareness Aston Madiun hotel as the only 4 star hotel in Madiun city.

This event is held with a funeral or carnival of Kencana Train containing a thousand rhinos, and paraded by hotel staff who acts as R.A Kartini and her husband named Raden Adipati Joyodiningrat and their accompanying soldiers.

The chariot used as the vehicle symbol used by R.A. Kartini then. Kencana train in this Kampoeng Kartini activity measuring 200 cm long, 120 cm wide and 175 cm high.

One reason for choosing a ketupat is chosen as part of this activity because ketupat is identical to Ramadan or Eid. In connection with that, this ketupat is made as activity of welcoming Ramadan month which only counting days.

This ketupat can be enjoyed with several types of vegetables that have been provided and some of them are typical food of Jepara such as Sayur Krubyuk and Pindang Serani.

"In addition to enjoying lontong and vegetables that have been provided in this Kampoeng Kartini activities, invited guests can also participate in the race held" Emang Elham explained.

Among them are IG upload competitions, jarit racing competitions and making diamonds. The invited guests consist of corporate, service and media which also have become part of Aston Madiun.

This activity is done on floor G lobby Aston Madiun at 15.00 WIB to finish. Located in the lobby of Aston Madiun which was changed into Kampoeng Kartini nuance with antiques decoration from Dajdoel Galery art vendor. In addition there is an Angklung game performance from SD Bernadus and live music from Flamenco team of Aston Madiun to fill the event.

Services - the services of Indonesia heroes who have struggled is something that must be appreciated, so that from this activity Aston Madiun participate in commemorating the services - the services of the heroes. And the hope of young people of Indonesia can struggle to continue the services of the heroes before. (Zainuddin).

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