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Jasa Marga Surgem Branch Holds a Peoples Party in Mojokerto City


13 Mei 2018
Jasa Marga Surgem Branch Holds a Peoples Party in Mojokerto City

AJ Winarsa sedang melihat produk yang dipamerkan.(zainuddin).

In order to enliven the 2018 Asian Games to be held in Jakarta and Palembang in August 2018, PT Jasamarga (Persero) Tbk. through Surabaya Branch Gempol (Surgem) held a people's party in Mojokerto, East Java, Saturday, May 12, 2018.

The festivities organized by Jasa Marga Center of the Division of Community Development Program (CDP), Corporate Secretary and CDP of Surgem Branch are filled with various activities, including bazaar of cheap sembako packages, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) exhibitions, culinary markets and games people.

In the bazaar of cheap sembako packages, Jasa Marga provides 2,000 packages of basic needs. The basic food packages consist of 2 Kg of rice, 2 Kg of sugar, 1 liter of cooking oil that can be bought by the community for Rp15,000. All proceeds from the package will be donated to the temple nearest to Pancasila Fortress, Mojokerto people's party location.
"People can also enjoy the exhibition of SMEs followed by 25 partners of Jasa Marga Branch Surgem," said. A.J. Dwi Winarsa General Manager Surabaya-Gempol Branch

Besides being utilized by the participants as a promotional event, this exhibition is also held with the aim of educating the community about how to manage a good UMKM business. It is expected that with this UMKM exhibition, it can increase public interest to explore MSMEs business.

"Partners assisted in this exhibition are 25 SMEs. With the details of 15 fast food and beverages, 5 partners of typical East Java food packaging, and 5 other assisted partners, such as convection and completeness, "said General Manager (GM) Jasa Marga Surgem A.J. Winarsa in his speech.

Furthermore, Winarsa said the holding of the Mojokerto people's party is to welcome the festivities of the 2018 Asian Games. He hopes that the people of Mojokerto can be more enthusiastic again to welcome one of the milestones in this largest sports event in Asia. The last time Indonesia had a great honor in this grand event was when it hosted the 4th Asian Games, which was in 1962 ago.

"Implementation of this program, is a mandated task Ministry of SOEs to be directly involved in socializing, popularizing, and enliven the Asian Games which will last 3 months ahead," he said.

Winarsa added that Jasa Marga was given the task of conducting interactive activities with the community packed with people's party. That way, it is expected to foster awareness and pride of the community, so memasyarakatnya the title of the Asian Games can be realized.

Jasa Marga Surgem Branch is currently intensively socializing to the community as the 2018 Asian Games event closer. With the big commitment in welcoming the grand event, Jasa Marga Surgem Branch has featured the 2018 Asian Games main icons on banners, banners, banners, plastics, food staple coupons and other communications media, so that people are increasingly aware that the 2018 Asian Games athletes are ready to compete and entertain the people of Indonesia and even Asia.

The party of the people held by Jasa Marga Surgem Branch got a positive response from the people of Mojokerto. This is evident from the enthusiasm of the community at each session, especially when the participants follow the people's games, as well as the interactive atmosphere in the quiz associated with the Asian Games 2018. In this festive party, the participants look very excited to compete for the various exciting prizes that have been provided by Jasa Marga such as bicycle, television, gas stove and so on. (Zainuddin).

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