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Jasa Marga Form JM Team Operational Stand-by Mudik Flow and Lebaran 2018


08 Mei 2018
Jasa Marga Form JM Team Operational Stand-by Mudik Flow and Lebaran 2018

Desi Arrayani jabat tangan dengan anggota tim JM Siaga.(zainuddin).

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. make sure the readiness in welcoming the flow of homecoming and returning Lebaran 2018 (Idul Fitri 1439 H). In addition to operational and construction readiness, Jasa Marga also ensures that Human Resource (HR) is ready to support all smoothness, convenience and security during the homecoming of Lebaran 2018 which falls in June 2018.

Therefore, Jasa Marga has established Jasa Marga Operations Alert Lebaran Team 2018 (JM Siaga Team). In order to ensure the preparedness of the team who will be tasked with guarding the flow of homecoming and returning Lebaran later, Jasa Marga held a kick off ceremony _ _ Team JM Siaga, at Jasa Marga Head Office, Monday (7/5).

Jasa Marga Siaga Operational Team Lebaran 2018 is a joint team between head office, branches, and subsidiaries of Jasa Marga scattered throughout Indonesia. Later, the team will be placed at certain points on Jasa Marga's toll road sections, especially in density-prone points, to ensure the flow of homecoming and returning to Lebaran 2018 runs smoothly.

Considering that toll road is one of the most frequent lane of travelers and crucial enough, Jasa Marga will deploy JM Siaga Team with a considerable number of personnel, more than 200 people.

Director of Jasa Marga Desi Arryani who is also a builder in the inauguration ceremony said that Jasa Marga plays a very vital role in carrying out the activities of back and forth flowing Lebaran. Therefore, Desi assures the JM Siaga troops to ensure the flow of going home and back going smoothly, safely, safely, and comfortable for travelers.

"Jasa Marga plays a very important role in every Lebaran holiday, so with the establishment of JM Siaga Team, it is believed that going home this time will run smoothly, safely and comfortably for the travelers," Desi said in front of JM Siaga officers.

Furthermore, Desi invites all elements of Jasa Marga to reflect on the success of securing the flow of homecoming and returning Lebaran year 2017. According to him, all the success and appreciation given to Jasa Marga for the success must be improved to guard the flow of back and forth back and forth this year smoothly.

"We must reflect on the success of JM Siaga Lebaran 2017 team. Some of our appreciation (Jasa Marga) received for the success. But we can not stop there. Our next task is to improve service from the previous year, so we become the best in operationalizing toll roads, "he added.

At the ceremony also, JM Siaga Team got a presentation on the operational readiness and strategic steps that Jasa Marga would undertake to secure the homecoming and backflow.

Desi explained a number of new strategies applied to the flow of back and forth this year compared to last year. According to him, in addition to deploying more JM Siaga Team, this year Jasa Marga will provide functional channels from projects owned by Jasa Marga.

The functional lines include: Batang-Semarang Toll Road (Batang-Krapyak), Solo-Ngawi Toll Road (Salatiga-Kertasura Rd), Toll Road Ngawi-Kertosono (Wilangan-Nganjuk Toll Road), and Pandaan-Malang Toll Road (Pandaan-Purwodadi Field).

In addition, Desi said, this year also Jasa Marga provides more than 100 mobile reader facilities at certain toll gates to facilitate the flow of vehicles during toll road transactions. In addition, Jasa Marga has also made improvements in terms of capacity, construction and deployment of operational officers such as Sapu Lubang Team.

In closing, Desi reminded all Jasa Marga employees to cooperate in guarding the flow back and forth back Lebaran 2018. According to him all employees must participate and improve its performance in order to serve the community and the smooth flow of back and forth back and forth.
"Let me remind my friends, that I want all to work with APIC, in accordance with the values we have embraced. * APIC * not only means good but also means we put forward Agility, Professionalism, Integrity, and Customer Focus, "he concluded.(zainuddin).

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