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ITS Time Opens Smart City Insights


20 April 2018
ITS Time Opens Smart City Insights

Ahmad Zaini ST MT tengah memberikan materi smart sensor & mobility.(ist/zainuddin).

The challenge of the booming smart city lately, answered by the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya with a lot of building cooperation with several local governments. In addition, ITS who has many experts in the field of smart city, not reluctant to share such knowledge in a seminar titled Strategy Toward Smart City/Regency at ITS Library, Thursday (19/4/2018).

Smart city is an issue that is being worked on by some regions in Indonesia, not least Trenggalek regency is also in partnership with ITS. This cooperation is considered very appropriate, because the emergence of smart city followed by the demands of the use of technology. "ITS as a technology campus that has many inventions and technological development, can greatly give us the benefit to create smart city," said the seminar moderator, Tony D Susanto PhD ITIL COBIT started the event.

Described by Head of Researchers LBE e-Government & IT Government ITS, that there are some focus discussion in this smart city-related talks. Starting from smart energy, smart health, smart sensor & mobility, smart environment, to smart government. To that end, also presented some competent experts from ITS related topics.

Tony who is also a charger of smart government materials, said that true smart city can be focused on one or only some aspects. Is it only his person or his government, maybe even systematically his city. "But keep in mind, that the smart city in it there are some individual headers," he explained.

One example is smart energy, where the main goal is to create a city that is habitable and sustainable. In this case, the Head of Center for Energy Studies of ITS, Dr. Ir Ali Musyafa MSc said that the entrance to smart energy is to reduce consumption and energy emission coupled with green building.

Meanwhile, Head of ITS Computer Engineering Department, Dr. I Ketut Eddy Purnama ST MT explained about smart health. "Nowadays many ITS inventions have been able to support smart health, for example TB-Analyzer, S-Analyzer, and MedCap," said Head of Computer Engineering Department of ITS, exemplified some of the technologies he developed with the team.

Therefore, according to Tony, the use of technology today is very inevitable for the sustainability of smart city business. "It is then need to be observed also by local governments who want to move into smart city," said the lecturer of Information Systems is reminiscent.

Other presenters Ahmad Zaini ST MT, technology developer of ITS Smart Vehicle Counter System, highlighted the importance of concern about technology and environmental conditions around. "Concern is very necessary, which then we will later know to whom to work together in the development of this technology in the future," explained this Computer Engineering lecturer in his session to provide materials smart sensor & mobility.

Furthermore, Dr. Ir Amien Widodo MSi on smart materials material emphasizes the importance of awareness of environmental conditions. "Smart environment is closely related to natural phenomena, let alone Indonesia whose natural conditions are very complex. So the smart environment here will be much touched on disaster mitigation, "said this Geophysics Engineering lecturer. (ist/zainuddin).

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