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ITS Ready to Build a Wooden Shipyard by 2020


16 April 2018
ITS Ready to Build a Wooden Shipyard by 2020

Prof Daniel M Rosyid (tengah) saat kunjungan ke tempat galangan kapal milik Albaola tahun 2011 lalu. (ist/zainuddin).

After establishing a partnership with one of Spain's maritime cultural study centers, namely Albaola Itsas Kultur Faktoria, now the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya is ready to establish a wooden shipyard as a center of similar education studies. In fact, the Dean of Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) ITS, Prof. Ir Daniel M Rosyid PhD, targets the shipyard to be completed in 2020.

"As a maritime country that has a larger ocean area than its land, Indonesia is very necessary to establish its own ship production center," said Daniel reminded. ITS had visited the Albaola Itsas Kultur Faktoria in Spain in the year 2011 ago. Even in November 2017 and have signed a cooperation between the two, and now ITS plans to continue the cooperation that was woven by sending five students for internships in this wooden shipbuilding.

Daniel explains that Albaola is a great place to learn about maritime culture. UNESCO has also given trust to Albaola to build a full replica of San Juan, a whaling ship built in Basques in the 1560s. The ship was once used to sail across the Atlantic to Newfoundland, Canada, until finally drowned in the waters of Red Bay, Labrador.

From this UNESCO trust, Albaola then crowned as a center for the development of world-class maritime culture that educates youth with various maritime skills, such as boat building, rowing and sailing. "By sending our students (FTK ITS, red) to it, we hope to know what kind of business model they developed to then be applied in Indonesia," said this man from Klaten.

Professor of Marine Engineering said, with the shipyard owned by ITS, woodcraft shipbuilding industry in Indonesia would be expected to improve later. "The wooden boats that have been only done by craftsmen, will get a touch engineer," he explained.

He also said the existence of wooden boats will be the main attraction for some coastal tourism sector in Indonesia. "In Raja Ampat for example, the wooden boats can be its own characteristics," he continued.

Later, according to Daniel, this wooden vessel will be innovated in such a way as to attract tourists. "Given a screen for example," said Daniel. With some of these advantages, he added, of course the wooden shipyard will be a new economic field for the community later.

Daniel also hopes that ITS shipyard will also be a museum, or a place to visit as well as learn about the process of making wooden ships, especially for residents of Surabaya. He revealed, the number 2020 that he put, is not without calculations. "Research has been implemented, just waiting for funds collected from several sponsors," said the friendly professor. (ist/zainuddin).

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