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ITS Clarification Problem Alumni Suspected Terrorist and Lecturer Dismissal


15 Mei 2018
ITS Clarification Problem Alumni Suspected Terrorist and Lecturer Dismissal

Rektor ITS Prof Joni Hermana memberikan klarifikasi dalam konferensi pers.(ist/zainuddin).

Responding to news circulating related alleged involvement of terrorist acts in Surabaya involving alumni, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya also held a press conference to clarify the news in ITS Rectorate Building, Tuesday (155) afternoon.

ITS Rector Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD said the first suspected actor on behalf of Anton Ferdianto was once recorded as a D-III student of Electrical Engineering ITS in 1991. However, he was recorded only undergo a year and then not active again. "On the basis of it can be said he is not alumnus ITS. We do not know the status of the next, "he said in front of the media crew.

It was then suspected that the second actor on behalf of Budi Satrijo had been recorded as a Chemical Engineering student undergraduate program in 1988 and graduated in 1996. He explained that during his studies Budi did not show any signs of suspicious and normal like other students. Budi is also active in entrepreneurship activities.

"As an alumnus who graduated 22 years ago, all the activities concerned are certainly beyond the knowledge of ITS and all are their own personal responsibility before the law," explained Prof. Joni.

ITS Rector also explains that ITS has hundred thousand more alumni spread all over Indonesia and abroad, and active in alumni activity only about one thousand people. The second alleged perpetrators are alumni who are not active in ITS. "During this alumni-related activities, we are working with IKA (ITS Alumni Association). IKA is the one who determines who the alumni who will be the speakers if invited in the event ITS and the two suspected perpetrators of this never a speaker, "said the man who likes to play this piano.

So in conclusion on the second act of suspected perpetrators of terror, Joni confirmed that ITS has nothing to do with what they do after graduation or no longer involved with ITS.
Clarification of Lecturer Dismissal

In this press conference, Prof Joni also clarified the statement of Minister of Research and Technology Mohamad Nasir to the media about the lecturers and deans at ITS who were fired for allegedly involved with the HTI movement (Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia) which has been banned by the government.

In this case, Prof. Joni explained that in fact the ITS is still conducting an inquiry process to prove the involvement of the lecturers. However, his side denied having fired all three lecturers who reported it as civil servants (PNS).

"There is a suspicion of the case and we are investigating them, but the two lecturers and one dean whose status is not fired from civil servant status. Only we are temporarily suspended from his structural positions, which are related are still teaching at ITS, "explained Joni.

Joni believes there is wrong communication or misquote from the media related to what is stated by the Minister of Research and Technology. "I have communicated with the Minister (Menristekdikti, red), because firing someone from his civil servant status is not easy. We should examine the violation, referring to what violations, it must be detailed, "explained this professor of Environmental Engineering.

According to Joni, ITS is currently also forming a special Bina team to study more deeply about lecturers and deans of ITS who are involved with HTI. The Special Bina team consists of Vice Rectors, from law firms, vice deans and other experts. "They will investigate this case and will give direction to me for next I propose to the Minister," he continued.

Joni also said, related to events that happened lately, ITS does not want to be claimed as a radical campus. "On the recent occasion, we do not want to make the students afraid to learn their own religion," he concluded. (ist/zainuddin).

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