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Governur Jatim Encourage Investment Motivation and Business Entrepreneurs Georgia to East Java


06 April 2018
Governur Jatim Encourage Investment Motivation and Business Entrepreneurs Georgia to East Java

Gubernur Jatim ajak pengusaha Georgia investasi ke Jatim.(zainuddin).

Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo encourages the motivation of investment and business entrepreneurs Georgia to East Java. There are many reasons why it should be done, a.l. until now there has been no Georgian investment in East Java, a variety of guarantee of ease of investment in East Java, as well as efforts to balance the balance of trade two parties that East Java always surplus so far.

Thus the Governor of East Java Pakde Karwo-greeting in front of Georgian businessmen such as tourism, plantation, and logistics, at The Biltmore Hotel, Rustaveli 29 Avenue, Tiblisi, Georgia, Wednesday

"Diverse then the investment tsb, namely providing guarantees related to facilitating licensing penyerdahanaan, availability of skilled workers, facilitation of land acquisition in industrial areas, and the availability of electricity," said Pakde Karwo.

Pakde Karwo adds another consideration to the investment and business drive in East Java that is the safe condition of East Java and also as a national barometer. In addition, currently also available 10 industrial areas, both those who have and are in the process of development, which makes it easier to do business in East Java.

"Four industrial areas have been in operation, where direct entrepreneurs can undertake construction, such as in Tuban and Maspion industries," he said. In the construction phase of 31. 584 ha, and the development of a special economic area in Singosasi Malang area of 300 hectare, also special economic area in Prigi Trenggalek, both of which is destined for tourism.

Meanwhile, East Java's export commodities to Georgia include herbal soaps, with potential commodities to be upgraded a.l. coffee, tea, wood products, palm oil, and shrimp crackers. Meanwhile, imported Java commodities from Georgia is the result of milling, electrical equipment, and adhesives / enzymes.

Added, East Java currently also develop themselves as smart government, including realizing the availability of data-based information technology integrated in this province. Also, the development of low-rate loan agreement development 6-9% / year, especially for small and medium enterprises, as partners of Georgian businessmen.

Attending this meeting were 30 Georgian businessmen from various online businesses, such as tourism, plantations, and logistics. Warm welcome delivered by Georgian entrepreneurs after knowing the potential of East Java. Among others, the desire to make a visit back to East Java, as well as interest in various commodities such as tea and coffee trade. A total of 500 tons of tea per quarter has been ordered by Georgian businessmen. Similarly for coffee commodities and herbal soaps.

Georgia itself as the entrance to Europe is a country with a large GDP, which is 14.372 billion in 2015 and income percapita population of US $ 9,891 in 2016.

On this occasion also presented some potential priority industries in East Java, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, leather and jako, rubber and plastic industries. Simultaneously improving synergic investment between sustainable development in East Java through renewable and renewable energy, empowering small and medium enterprises by encouraging partnerships, improving institutional capacity in trade, investment and tourism promotion, solid labor, capital, and technology transfer.(zainuddin).

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