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Give Best Customer Experience, Do Preventive Maintenance on Customer Network

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08 Mei 2018
Give Best Customer Experience, Do Preventive Maintenance on Customer Network

Undian Indihome.(zainuddin).

Following the end of the Lunar New Year Promo program for the locations of East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara conducted at Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso Surabaya today, 08/05, Telkom launched one Indihome Package Full of Blessing program.

"This is our program to reach the target of 5 million customers by the end of 2018, currently the number is 3.6 million subscribers," said Executive Vice President of Telkom Regional 5 Jatim, Bali, Nusra Suparwiyanto. Of this 3.6 million subscribers, 20% of them are customers in East Java, Bali and Nusra areas.

It acknowledges, not only promo programs for new customers are noticed for the achievement of targets, but more than that, best customer experience becomes one of the keys to win the hearts of customers. "By obtaining best customer experience, we believe customers will easily recommend to other customers" he added.

One way that is taken is to preventive maintenance to minimize the occurrence of interference.
He said "So before the customer complains, if the results in the system beneath the standard, and have the potential for interference, our officers have been plunged to come to the customer's home, make improvements on location". Usually, he added, this happens to customers whose network damping is less good, below the required specifications for fiber-optic network is -25 dB.

 "In cities with high density, need to accelerate on the digitization side, we are quick to upgrade network". By switching to fiber optics, customers will be able to enjoy high speed internet access, TV with dozens of channels and various other digital activities.

"Because in the future we will begin to digitize our Telkom Plasa, the activities of customers who have to come to Plasa we have started to reduce. Customers can already do by installing MyIndihome app in gadget ". Starting from subscription request, check billing, product and service information, can be done here.

This is said by Suparwiyanto because until now, subscription request through MyIndihome is considered not optimal, from the total demand, either migrating from copper to fiber, add on packages, or new pairs, through MyIndihome is still below 20 persen.(zainuddin).

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