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Fandi Utomo Open Painting Exhibition at Singgasana Hotel


16 April 2018
Fandi Utomo Open Painting Exhibition at Singgasana Hotel

Fandi Utomo menggoreskan kuas pada kanvas sebagai tanda dimulainya pameran lukisan degan tema Matamorfosis.(zainuddin).

"Let's buy a painting if there is an exhibition of works of national painters," said Fandi Utomo Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives when opening exhibition works of 31 painters at Hotel Singgasana Surabaya April 11, 2018 last week.

According Fandi Utomo if many who buy paintings, then the artists will be happy, especially if his work on display in the homes of the rich in East Java.

The artists are just hoping for the concern of the money owners to buy his work. They do not want anything else, so let's come to the painting exchanges.

Fandi Utomo who was asked to paint a painting on 31 canvas said he would buy a painting that is in the lobbi Hotel Throne, and one outside being worked on, whether the painters of East Java can do well the scratches that have been done on the canvas.

General Manager (GM) Hotel Singgasana Surabaya Budhy Guntur Iriansyah said the painting exhibition with the theme of Metamorphosis is to mememering Kartini Day 2018. So that participate in this exhibition is the female painters.

At the exhibition deliberately showing the butterfly, the foamy animal performs a metamorphosis. From a caterpillar to a cocoon. Then become a butterfly. To do the metamorphosis it takes a long time cukp.

"All the works on display depict butterflies," said Budy Guntur Iriansyah.
Therefore clearly Budhy Guntur Iriansyah until May 10, 2018 fore, in the lobbi Hotel Throne will be a lot of butterflies flying (zainuddin).

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