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Ensure Supervision of KSEI Prepare the Next-G AKSes


18 April 2018
Ensure Supervision of KSEI Prepare the Next-G AKSes

Yanu Suardika sedang memberikan paparan.(zainuddin).

PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) in cooperation with PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI), organizes socialization and education activities in Kediri, Surabaya and Jember. This series of activities aims to improve the utilization of AKSes facility (Securities Ownership Reference) which is a facility of Indonesian Capital Market investor protection, as well as to provide the latest information about KSEI's infrastructure development.

Head of KSEI Legal Aid Unit Yanu Suwandika in his explanation explains, "Our AKSes facility is available so that investors can monitor their investment portfolio directly to institutions that are mandated to keep investor portfolio data in accordance with the Capital Market Law. So, supposing that investors have direct access to see the investment in our system, "Yanu added. Besides giving explanation to the media in Surabaya, the series of socialization activities in East Java includes educational activities at STIE Mahardika University Surabaya and STIE Mandala Jember and education for all investors and Securities Companies domiciled in Kediri and Surabaya.

Based on KSEI data at the end of March 2018, East Java currently ranks the 3rd largest number of investors from 34 provinces in Indonesia after West Java, with an investor number of 144,766. Of these, approximately 34,514 investors are domiciled in the city of Surabaya or the largest in East Java Province. The number of investors in the Indonesian Capital Market until the end of March 2018, has reached about 1,216,278 investors, which include investors holding Securities, Funds and Securities issued by Bank Indonesia.

Yanu added, "This socialization and education is expected to increase investor awareness to always use AKSes facility to prevent abuse of authority from irresponsible parties," he said. Furthermore, Yanu also mentioned that KSEI is currently developing AKSes facility to become AKSes Next Generation (AKSes Next-G) with features that are more interesting and easier to use.

"Later, we can utilize AKSes Next-G facility not only investors but also Securities Companies, Custodian Banks, even the general public. This is possible because KSEI has collaborated with the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registry of the Ministry of Home Affairs to utilize population data for services in the capital market. So that later to use the facilities of AKSes Next-G simply by entering the Population Identity Number only, "said Yanu.

Cooperation with the Directorate General of Dukcapil is not only done with KSEI, but also with other capital market actors. At the end of 2016, KSEI initiates DG Captil with 100 capital market industry actors cooperating with the use of demographic data to accelerate and facilitate the opening of Securities accounts. Through the simulation conducted, opening Securities account using electronic ID card reader only takes less than 30 minutes, which previously took several days.

KSEI also realizes that investment activities in the convenient capital market need to be supported with adequate infrastructure. In response, on August 30, 2016 KSEI has launched the Integrated Investment Management System or S-INVEST which is an integrated platform and system for the Mutual Fund industry. S-INVEST system is able to simplify the process undertaken by Mutual Fund industry actors in administering all mutual fund transactions so that they are more efficient and transparent. KSEI became the first country in Southeast Asia to implement an integrated system for Mutual Funds, following the footsteps of the South Korean capital market. On the success of KSEI's launch of S-INVEST, KSEI was awarded the Marquee Awards as Best Central Securities Depository in South East Asia 2016 by Alpha South East Asia.

In 2018, KSEI is planning the implementation of eletronic voting (e-Voting) to accommodate the use of the voting rights of investors in the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) without the need for the presence of investors physically. It is expected that this can facilitate investors, especially investors who have more than one Securities, as well as investors in the region and foreign investors who are not domiciled in the place of the AGM. Another strategic project is the development of KSEI's main system, C-BEST Next Generation (C-BEST Next-G) to increase the speed and capacity of the system up to 10 times, in anticipation of an increasing number of investors in the capital market. (zainuddin).

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