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East Java Won the Best Provincial Region Development Award


30 April 2018
East Java Won the Best Provincial Region Development Award

Pakde Karwo dan Jusuf Kala.(zainuddin).

Government of East Java Province under the leadership of Governor, Dr. H. Soekarwo again incised national achievement. Having previously been awarded the first highest ranking performance in the implementation of local government this time Pakde Karwo, greeting familiarly won Regional Development Award (PPD) Year 2018 Category of Achievement and Best Planning First National

Award in the form of gold colored trophies was submitted directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. H. Joko Widodo to Pakde Karwo at the opening of the National Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangnas) in 2018 with the theme "Equitable Development for Quality Growth" at Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

PPD is the highest award given to local governments who have succeeded in planning, achieving good development, and creating innovations and breakthroughs in development planning. This award was once won by Pakde Karwo in 2014, when it was named Anugerah Pangripta Nusantara Utama.

The award was gratefully welcomed by Pakde Karwo. According to him, this success is due to solid synergy and synchronization at the provincial level to the district government/city, even to the lowest level. "Local Government Work Plan (RKPD) starts kab/city to province become part of National RKP "he said.

On the same occasion, Pakde Karwo said, PPD's PPD award from this year's Bappenas is different from previous years. If previously assessed only from the conformity of planning with the results of development planning consultation (musrenbang), starting in 2018 is based on the suitability between planning and implementation, as well as the consistency between planning and implementation. Also, the harmonious relationship between the Provincial Government Work Plan and the District Government Work Plan

He added that there are five indicators in the assessment of this award, namely technocracy, decision-making process, aspirations, involvement of legislative products in materials, and innovation. "Technocracy is how bureaucracy utilizes technology, with standards determined by Bappenas," said Pakde Karwo.

Various public services based on the use of technology, he added, has been done by the provincial government. East Java to make it easier for the community and avoid the physical encounter between the community and the officers, thus avoiding the potentials of illegal levies, bribes, and other negative potentials.

Meanwhile, planning decisions that are not only top down, but also bottom up seen from various activities that accommodate the aspirations of the community. Among them, the involvement of workers, NGOs, and students is invited in various processes of activity and planning is one that is assessed, and has become important in every planning and implementation of development in East Java.

Similarly, the involvement of legislative products in the planning materials through the election plenes of each electoral district (dapil), is also an important part in the planning and implementation of development in East Java. "So the planning process in East Java is done in a participatory manner" he continued.

"Various innovations have also been done by the provincial government. Among them, each OPD make a presentation planning in front of the governor to be matched with the design that has been prepared by the governor, "said the man born in Madiun.

In addition, Pemprov. East Java also made various innovations of non-APBN and APBD financing schemes, a.l. through the development of local public service agencies (BLUD), corporate social responsibility (CSR), public private partnership (PPP), and provincial bonds. All this, according to Pakde Karwo, which makes the Central Government to give awards for the steps of East Java supports national strategic programs.

In addition to Pemprov. East Java, Pemkab. Banyuwangi also received the same award. Other areas that received similar awards are South Sumatra Province, and Bali Province. While the district level namely Kab. North Lombok, Kab. Tegal, Surakarta City, Palembang City, and Palu City.

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