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Digital Self Service In Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso

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16 April 2018
Digital Self Service In Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso

Direktur Consumer Service TelkomGroup Mas’ud Khamid (plg kanan) mengajak Kepala Dinas Kominfo Surabaya Antiek Sugiarti, dan Ketua YLPK Jatim Said Sutomo melihat oprasionalisasi digital table di Digital Grapari TelkomGroup Dinoyo yg dilaunching hari ini. (

After presenting Grapari Tekom Group in Surabaya late 2017, Telkom again presents a customer service center with digital concept in the heart of Surabaya, namely Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso. Located on the 1st floor of Telkom Mergoyoso Building, Jl. Mergoyoso 1-3 Surabaya.
Plasa Telkom Digital (PTD) is carrying the concept of digital self service, but still friendly with the existence of mobile customer service and proactive come to the customer.
"Telkom Plasa is present to provide digital customer experience as well as to educate customers about the concept of digital services, because in fact we have provided MyIndihome mobile applications that can be accessed by customers through their smartphones" said Executive Vice President Telkom Regional 5 Jatim, Bali, Nusra Suparwiyanto.
That is why, although the digital table has been provided as well as 4 MyIndihome Booth to facilitate customers to get product information, services, complaints and other problems, also provided customer service that will be proactive to visit the customer when it needs explanation and consultation and help install the application.
Our hope, he said, in the future, if it is well socialized, the level of customer arrivals to be more reduced, and customers and the community can do themselves through his smartphone.
Supawiyanto said that by seeing data that the attendance of the community to Plasa Telkom is still high, such as in Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso, where if averaged per day reaches 150 customers, and almost 50 percent for the case of reporting disturbance, the rest for product information , payment, mutation, and new pairs. "Though this can be done through the application, although we still need feedback from the voice of customer to perfection" he added.
That is why, this mobile customer service is expected to get voice of customer from public. "How can we get any feedback that we need to improve on the service side and also what menus we will add in MyIndihome for example, if not from their experience or experience" added Suparwiyanto.
Currently PTD Mergoyoso in addition to serving Telkom customers, also Telkomsel subscribers. Some forms are served for Telkom customers as well as Indihome's new customers, customer complaints, account payments, service upgrades, product information and other Telkom services. As for Telkomsel subscribers in the form of new pairs of Hallo cards, Telkomsel card upgrades, migration from prepaid to prepaid, to the registration of Telkomsel prepaid cards.
Nationally, Plasa Telkom Digital is the 8th Digital Telkom Plasa and besides Plasa Telkom Digital Mergoyoso, in East Java, Bali, Nusra will be built 2 more in Sidoarjo and Gresik.
What distinguishes this Digital Telkom Plasa with Digital Grapari Telkom Group which has been inaugurated earlier in Plasa Telkom Dinoyo is from the completeness of device services and services that are in it more diverse, both for Telkom and Telkomsel services. (Zainuddin).

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