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Despite Technique, ITS Students Win Law Studies Competition


17 Mei 2018
Despite Technique, ITS Students Win Law Studies Competition

Stanley Wijaya.(ist/zainuddin).

Although not a legal background, students of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya won the award in the Competition of Writing Legal Study of Domain Name Indonesia organized by Domain Name Manager Indonesia (PANDI), early May. His study of domain discourse .ID which will be opened to the international scale managed to deliver Stanley Wijaya, ITS Information Systems student, this won the first prize.

Domain .ID is a unique name used for naming websites in Indonesia. Until now the domain. ID may only be owned by Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals who have a registered trademark in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI). Foreign institutions wishing to have an .ID domain must be through their representatives in Indonesia. While foreign citizens who have nothing to do with Indonesia can not have this internet address because there is no supporting documents.

But during the last three years began to emerge the discourse of internationalization of the domain. ID and generate its own polemic. The reason, if Indonesia wants to demolish the internet, then the domain. ID should be used in all corners of the world, including the Indonesian people who settled abroad. But on the other hand, it can not be denied the internationalization of domain. ID can increase the threat of cyber crime such as fraud and gambling.

"If the government wants to open the domain .ID for international scale then it must be seen the source, whether it can be as effective as now, considering PANDI has been tight enough to select the registered websites in the domain name," said the student from Magetan.

Stanley also said, if the domain. ID will indeed be opened internationally, then foreign nationals must be subject to the law in Indonesia. Although based overseas, domain users must still comply with the Electronic Information and Transaction Act (ITE) article 27 paragraphs 1-4. The matters set forth in the article are prohibitions on loading gambling, humiliation, extortion, and violation of immorality.

The rules made are not solely to curb the freedom of domain owners, but to ensure the safety and comfort of citizens. With the PANDI, internet activity is also more controllable because it can reduce the potential for violation of law.

"Essentially, every person who registers the domain .ID must comply with applicable law in Indonesia. Various matters relating to the legal framework such as mechanisms and legal compliance and punishment for offenders must be arranged in detail and firmly, "he explained.

Although the first time to write about legal studies, the former chairman of ITS TV is able to achieve the first champion for the category of Use of Domain Name .ID for International Users. Of all the finalists invited to Jakarta, he was the only participant with an engineering background. In fact Stanley not only compete with undergraduate students, but also with graduate students, doctor, and other legal practitioners.

Stanley's success seemed to prove that everything can be learned. He also believes that the key to success comes from the belief to dare to try and never afraid of losing. "Opportunity only once, if money can be searched. Do not let our ignorance limit the space to work, "said the bespectacled students while smiling. (ist/zainudin).

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