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Dekranasda Contributes to Encourage Economic Growth in East Java


15 Maret 2018
Dekranasda Contributes to Encourage Economic Growth in East Java

Gubernur Jatim Dr H Soekarwo dan ibu memperhatikan karya perajin kecil yang dipamerkan.(zainuddin).

For almost a decade, the National Regional Crafts Council (Dekranasda) under the leadership of Dra. Hj. Nina Soekarwo, M.Si continues to contribute in improving economic growth in East Java, one of them through the development of superior products coming from the MSME sector.

This was conveyed by the Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo when opening Dekriasda Dekriasda East Java Year 2018 Degree at Atrium Grand City Mall Surabaya on Thursday (15/3/2018).

kde Karwo, greeting sticky East Java Governor explained, PDRB Jatim Year 2017 which reached 2,019,20 trillion rupiah, as many as 1100 trilun rupiah or 54.98 percent come from sector of UMKM. Of this amount, as much as 9.21 percent or about 185 trillion rupiah came from UMKM assisted by Dekranasda East Java.

"This concrete proof of hard work continues to be done Dekranasda East Java as an integral part of the concept of prosperity and community service," he said.

For that, Pakde Karwo welcomed the implementation of this Dekranasda Jatim Decorative Degree. According to him this event is very important, because the craft, fashion and culinary is the part that must be developed and there is no limit. In addition, these three aspects are closely related to one's lifestyle. The higher one's income, the higher the lifestyle.

"This rising lifestyle and fashion as a sign of rising regional income is good. Now our task is to improve the quality of the products and make a better packaging of these products, "said the number one person in East Java.

Looking ahead, in anticipation of technological developments, in May East Java will have an important storefront in the digital economy of East Java. The system being developed by Diskominfo and Disperindag Jatim will be selling superior products of East Java both through manual and digital exhibition.

Not only that, various online services and digital systems have been developed by the Province of East Java. One of them is the East Java Investment Super Corridor (EJISC) managed by the Office of Investment and PTSP Java. This service is in the form of a web based investment dashboard that provides ease of berinvenstasi in East Java.

At the end of his speech, Pakde Karwo advised the businessmen including SMEs to improve the hospitality of the buyers. This became one of the leading in creating ease of doing business in East Java.

This ease, he added, makes the province of East Java won the rank of one level of business-friendly national level of the Asia Competitiveness Institute Singapore, with research conducted during April-September 2017 in the provinces throughout Indonesia.

"The ease of doing business is seen from the sumeh of the people, not pouting. In developed countries too, service in front of it is trained to continue to smile, "he said.

Develop Captive Market Potential

Meanwhile, Chairman Dekranasda East Java Province, Dra. Hj. Nina Soekarwo, M.Si said Indonesia's huge population of 261 million people or about 40 percent of ASEAN's population is a captive market. This potential should continue to be developed especially in inter-regional trade.

"Trade between our regions is always a surplus, this proves our products have competitiveness. If we can master the domestic market surely we can survive master the international market, let alone creative and innovative East Java community ", said Bude Karwo, greeting sticky.

According to him, in the era of this free market the crafters are required to continue to improve competitiveness by innovating to produce quality products, character of local culture and have a competitive price. Dekranasda East Java, continued, continue to try to facilitate the crafters one of them through this exhibition.

In addition to organizing the exhibition, Dekranasda Jatim also focus on improving the quality of human resources, product quality, help access capital for crafters, and facilitate the certification of Intellectual Property Rights

During 2017, continued Bude Karwo, Dekranasda East Java in cooperation with various related agencies have facilitated SMEs and SMEs East Java. Among them, by organizing bimtek to 520 SMEs and SMEs in the field of batik handicrafts of natural colors, the development of leather products and footwear, as well as improving the quality of embroidery.

Also, undertake entrepreneurship development for 170 handicraft and batik gedogs handicraft product manufacturers, and facilitate the implementation of ISO, SNI, IPR, for 847 SMEs and SMEs. In addition, facilitate SMEs and SMEs in the implementation of the exhibition Jatim Fair, Surabaya International Jewelery Fair 2017 and Festival Indonesia 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

At the end of his speech, Bude Karwo expressed his gratitude and highest appreciation to the Chairman of Dekranasda kabupaten and cities that have contributed, supported and facilitated the artisans in the region.

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