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Cultural Background Differences become Inspiration for Creation of Works


05 April 2018
Cultural Background Differences become Inspiration for Creation of Works

Cultural Background Differences become Inspiration for Creation of Works.(zainuddin).

The cultural background of both artists Agus Koecink and I Made Somadita inspires in the process of creating works. For Agus Koecink and Made the distinction of giving birth to the various colors of life that can be coupled with the harmony as implied in 30 paintings in the exhibition titled "The Color of Life" held at the House of Sampoerna Gallery (HoS) on 6-28 April 2018

The charm of Bali has never faded as one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia are rich in color art and culture. According to Agus Koecink, Bali is a lost past from Java. Artist and curator who was born in Tulungagung in 1967 reveals that when menginjakan foot on the island of Bali, he felt to rediscover the past.

The atmosphere of the environment, art, culture, and society provide a picture or imagination of life on the island of Java during the Majapahit Kingdom. It is also about a relationship between one another as seen in the work entitled

"Unity", which describes the relationship between human, nature and animals, as well as in the work entitled "After Shih 2" which is the relationship of Man with God.

For I Made Somadita, who was born and raised in Tabanan, Bali in 1982, Bali is a cross-cultural mixing place. According to the man who had attended the joint exhibition in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Germany, one culture needs another culture to grow and grow with the values that exist in the culture of origin.

Everything is interdependent and connected. Departing from that understanding he poured his creative ideas into his paintings entitled "Interconnection", "Interdependent" and "The Color of Life".

"Our different cultural backgrounds give us the idea of the power of fine art elements of color, lines, shapes as messages to build an artistic image. As in this exhibition we offer an intuitive creation process through lines, colors, compositions, and shapes inspired by the frenzied atmosphere of the dynamics of Balinese society.

The colors in our paintings are a reflection of the process that goes through daily life when mingle for inspiration. Whether the visualized color is a meaningful symbol or color merely represents the emotion born from within the soul. "Said Agus Koecink.(zainuddin).

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