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Concerned about Bureau of Naughty Organizer, DPD AMPHURI Jatim Held Umroh And Haj Exhibition


11 Maret 2018
Concerned about Bureau of Naughty Organizer, DPD AMPHURI Jatim Held Umroh And Haj Exhibition

In order to prevent the irresponsible travel and haj pilgrims travel agencies in some areas is unfortunate and a concern, DPD Muslim Association of Haj and Umroh Organizer of the Republic of Indonesia (AMPHURI) Jatim held an umrah exhibition of Amphuri Islamic Travel Expo (AITE) Ramadan.

"We (AMPHURI) are very concerned about the condition of travel agencies of irresponsible pilgrims and umrah pilgrims recently taking place in a number of areas," said Joko Asmro, Chairman of AMPHURI, Wednesday,

The largest hajj and umroh exhibition in East Java is working together with one of the online media at Atrium Mal City Of Tommorrow (Mal Cito) Bundaran Waru Surabaya followed by 30 agencies of Hajj and umroh travel agencies joined in AMPHURI aims to restore trust to the people who want worshiping umroh and hajj.

"Hajj and umroh exhibition is to give a sense of confidence to the community who want to perform the pilgrimage and umroh well and correctly," he said, met on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition.

In addition to hajj and umroh exhibition, this event is also to socialize the program continuously in Indonesia society to understand and more openly about the condition of umroh travel package and for now there are 870 travel organizers of umrah and pilgrimage trips.

"For now there are 870 travel companies umroh and pilgrims who have received official permission from the ministry of religion of the Republic of Indonesia," he said, before the media crew.

Meanwhile, the opening of the Umroh Hajj exhibition of Amphuri Islamic Travel Expo (AITE) Ramadan is the largest in East Java during 7 - 11 March 2018, coupled with dialogue theme "Umrah Dipatok 20 millions" supported and attended by representatives of Regional Office of Ministry of Trade of East Java.

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