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Clarification Ambrolnya Old Ring Bridge Widang


18 April 2018
Clarification Ambrolnya Old Ring Bridge Widang

Jembatan Widang yang ambruk sedang diteliti penyebabnya.(zainuddin).

The old Ring Bridge that connects the two districts of Lamongan - Tuban is precisely Temangkar-Bts. Kab. Lamongan (in accordance with Ministerial Decree of PUPR No. 248 year 2015) Ambrol and causing casualties. This unexpected event is of special concern to BBPJN VIII.

The bridge is ambularized from the direction of Surabaya to Tuban, the bridge is a steel frame bridge CH (Callender Hamilton) type B built in 1978 with a total length of 260 meters has 6 spans that is 5 span of Steel frame and 1 span of concrete. While the collapsed bridge is stretched to 3 steel frames.

The condition of Old Ring Bridge is in good condition and feasible to be used and bridge inspection and maintenance has been done, there are no signs of damage to the 3rd steel frame that is currently ambrol, there is indeed a minor damage to the bridge but it is in the 2nd span of the steel frame and it's been fixed in 2017.

The chronology of the long Ring of Ring bridge at 11:05 pm bridge suddenly collapsed causing 1 dump truck, 2 trucks and 1 motorcycle plunged into the river Bengawan Solo.

Related to the incident BBPJN VIII has coordinated with Directorate of Bridge of Ministry of PUPR to analyze what is causing ambrolnya Old Ring bridge in the 3rd span of steel frame.
Currently there are two teams currently working: an independent team from the Directorate of Bridge is analyzing the cause of the bridge's ambrol and evacuation team to lift the truck from the bottom of the Solo river.

BBPJN VIII will try to make an immediate improvement on the landscape that ambrol considering the path becomes the main point of distribution of goods and services in the pantura line. I Ketut Darmawahana as head of BPPJN VIII said the improvement will be done with the target can be passed functionally before Eid.

"We ask the prayers of the community for the improvement will be smooth, we targeted the H-10 before the Eid Bridge could be passed again," said Ketut.

Temporary handling conducted BBPJN VIII is replacing the Old Ring bridge on the 3rd span of collapsed steel frame with CH framework taken from the directorate of the bridge in Jakarta. BBPJN VIII apologized profusely to the community with the incident collapse of the Old Ring bridge caused the inconvenience of road users and participate in condolences for the victims who died in the incident. (Zainuddin).

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