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Citizen Nginden Tasyakuran United Election Participate


08 April 2018
Citizen Nginden Tasyakuran United Election Participate

Warga sedang tasyakuran keikutsertaan PBB pada Pemilu 2019 mendatang.(zainuddin).

The enthusiasm of residents around Nginden Jangkungan Surabaya while watching the traditional martial arts performances of Pencak Silat "Setia Kawan" in the event welcomed the victory of the Star Crescent Party (PBB) as a participant of the 2019 General Election.

We know, the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) RI officially decided the Crescent Star Party as a participant of the 2019 election on Sunday (4

"So, this event is an empathy and spontaneity of Nginden Surabaya residents who are known as Masyumi mass base in Surabaya city," said Cak Amik, the leader of Silat 'Setia Kawan'.

Tom Mas'udi as the Chairman of the event committee said that the performance of Pencak Silat is at the same time to preserve the traditional culture in Surabaya when our children today are more sticky with games and gadgets.

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"Therefore, we are very excited to see hundreds of our children enthusiastically watching this martial arts attraction." said Tom Mas'udi who is also KAHMI's board who is also alumnus of Jember University.

According to the man from the City knew, Kediri, this event was attended by H. Tamat Anshory Ismail, Shura Council of Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia (DDII) East Java who is also former Chairman of East Java DPW and East Java DPRD member representing UN in 1999.

Also attending the board of DPW United Nations East Java and DPC Surabaya.

In his taushiyah, H. Tamat said that the greatest service of Masyumi at that time was Integral M. Natsir Mother, Chairman of Masyumi who was also Prime Minister, delivered on 3 April 1950.

"At that time Indonesia was divided into the Republic of the United States of Indonesia (RIS), then Mr. Natsir proposed his Integral Motion, which united the RIS to NKRI.That is the phenomenal and glorious achievement of M. Natsir which is not widely known by the present generation," said Tamat.

"So do not teach the Ummah, let alone suspect Umat, Masyumi and UN anti-NKRI.This attitude is of course ahistoris," he said.

Meanwhile, addressing the UN victory to take part in the 2019 election, Tamat explained further. The UN family is not expected to be arrogant or arrogant.

"This is merely the grace and the help of Allah Almighty, should be grateful, although the United Nations is inhibited from the right, left behind, Allah Almighty to another," he added.

Performances of traditional arts of pencak silat itself is held with great merit. Located at the home page of the late KH Mas Abdul Muhith, Masyumi East Java figure with M. Natsir street Nginden Gg II, Surabaya.

His house became a stopover of the National figures while in Surabaya. Figures like Mr. Muhamnad Roem, Mr. Kasman Singodimejo, and Prawoto Mangkusasmito, visit and discuss state and public affairs in this house.

Young figures of the next era, such as Akbar Tanjung, and Yusril Ihza Mahendra had also visited this house.

"Even Mr. Yusril had been a speaker at the commemoration of Prophet
Muhammed Maulid SAW in 2009," said Gus Sonhadji, son of KH Mas Abdul Muhith.(tribbun jatim/zainuddin).


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