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Chairman Dekranasda Jatim Batik Comparative Study to Solo and DIY


26 April 2018
Chairman Dekranasda Jatim Batik Comparative Study to Solo and DIY

Bude Karwo dialog dengan perajin batik.(zainuddin).

The National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) continues to improve the quality of products to be more competitive. One of them is to invite the perpetrators of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) handicraft sector to exchange ideas with batik craftsmen in Solo and Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). For two days on 25-26 April 2018, Chairman of Dekranasda Prov. East Java, Dra. hj. Nina Soekarwo, M.Si visited some points of batik crafters such as Batik Karlina Solo, Batik Gunawan Solo and Afif Collection.

By bringing the perpetrators of SMEs in East Java to batik crafters in Solo and DIY, believed Bude Karwo will enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in East Java, especially in the era of free trade. This visit is also an effort to batik batik to remain sustainable and continue to be loved by the people of Indonesia and the world. "This gathering adds new insights for SMEs to keep improving the quality of batik and can also learn organizational management so that they can compete and make new innovations," he said while visiting Paguyuban Sekar Jagad and Afif Collection, Yogjakarta Special Region on Thursday (26/4/2018).

Chairman of Dekranasda East Java explained that Solo and DIY became a mecca in the development of batik in the archipelago, especially Paguyuban Pecinta Batik Sekar Jagad which has a vision and mission that is sustainable batik in the world. Hopefully, through this visit will be established cooperation between Sekar Jagad with Dekranasda Prov. Jatim and with the craftsmen and make batik still exist in the archipelago. "Batik crafters from East Java have a lot to learn from Solo and DIY one of which must be a side in modernization," he said.

According to him, every batik must contain a philosophy. In East Java has a lot of batik produced, but must be strengthened philosophy in it. So, it will have added value. "In each batik it would be better if there is a description like the name and philosophy that is implanted," he said.

Bude Karwo added, East Java became the only provincial government who wear batik 3x week, where other provinces only 2x. It became one of the efforts in order to mobilize the community that started from ASN to love batik.

Visit to Solo and DIY, Bude Karwo also accompanied by the wife of East Java Legislative Council Chairman, Lili Halim, Economic Outlook as Secretary of Dekranasda Prov East Java. Aries Mukiono, and Kadisnas Koperasi and UMKM prov. East Java as Head of Business Development of East Java dekranasda, Mas Purnomo Hadi.

In addition to visiting batik crafters, Bude Karwo also had the opportunity to visit the Great Hall of Crafts and Batik DIY. Bude Karwo served with various sundries about batik. One of them is to see the batik motif Cuwiri, which makes the impression of the entourage because all the things in the Central Craft and Batik DIY already accompanied by descriptions and philosophy.(tra/zainuddin).

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