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Campaign for Mudik Safety, Minister of Transportation Gowes Alumni ITS


04 Mei 2018
Campaign for Mudik Safety, Minister of Transportation Gowes Alumni ITS

Menteri Perhubungan RI Budi Karya Sumadi dengan semangat menggowes sepeda menyelesaikan etape terakhir menuju kampus ITS. (ist/zainuddin).

In order to educate the public regarding safety in driving during Lebaran 2018, ITS Cycling Club (IKA ELITS CC) Electrical Alumni Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) RI conducts safety campaign in the form of touring cycling from Jakarta - Surabaya with Zero Accident Ride .

The touring participants consisting of 50 IKA ELITS CC cyclists were released by Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi on April 29 in Jakarta. The touring group, originally consisting of 40 people, reached the finish on the campus of the Electrical Engineering Department of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya on Friday (4/5/2018), evening. This activity is also supported by the National Bank of Indonesia (BNI), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), and several other sponsors,

ITS who fully supported IKA ELITS CC activities with the Ministry of Transportation, was chosen as the finish line in the activity of Lebaran homecoming campaign which was reached as far as 940 kilo meters with six stages of stops (dismissal post). The six stages are Jakarta, Cirebon, Semarang, Solo, Nganjuk and Surabaya.

ITS Rector Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD and the leadership of ITS welcomed the touring entourage with the Minister of Transportation with a rousing start from the area of Roundabout ITS. Furthermore, the rector joined cycling to join the touring group to finish in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The students of ITS Electrical Engineering singing ITS hymn and drumband from Polytechnic of Surabaya (Poltekpel) also enliven the speech to the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, as a form of appreciation of the struggle of the participants touring the safety campaign during the Lebaran Mudik who has traveled the distance Jakarta - Surabaya. Also participated in this touring group of students from Polytechnic of Flight (Poltekpen) Surabaya.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi admitted deeply appreciate ITS who have initiated this activity, "Through this activity, we expect Lebaran year 2018 more beautiful than the previous year because the roads are good and smooth to pass," said Minister of Transportation.

Touring who has traveled the distance Jakarta - Surabaya has also passed a series of events on his journey. At each dismissal post, Kemenhub and IKA ELITS CC conducted socialization to the public regarding safety driving, new toll road information, and safe driving procedure on the highway. The main purpose of socialization is to minimize the number of accidents during Lebaran 2018 later.

Upon arrival at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Minister of Transportation with Rector and Dean of Faculty of Electrical Technology (FTE) Dr. Tri Arief Sarjono ST MT was introduced with the achievements that have been achieved by FTE students in the field of transportation. One of them is the flying robot race themed Vertical Take of Landing.

Meanwhile, Joni Hermana in his speech said, Electrical Engineering is one of the most active departments of social activities. "This is a form of excellent cooperation between ITS with Kemenhub. Hopefully what has been socialized to be part of the habits of the people of Indonesia, "said Joni.

On this occasion, the Minister of Transportation also appealed to the entire community to be obedient in driving during Lebaran later. "We recommend using public transport, because it is more convenient and reduce the risk of accidents," said Minister of Transportation.

Not to forget the appreciation given by IKA ELITS CC and Kemenhub to local pioneer bikes who dedicate their day by leaving for work while cycling and initiating cycling movement.
Awards are also given to participants who successfully complete the Jakarta - Surabaya route in Zero Accident Ride activities. Finally, social assistance was also provided by IKA ELITS CC to two orphanages in Surabaya, namely Muhammadiyah Pakis Orphanage and Hikmatul Aya Orphanage. (ist/zainuddin).

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