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Bukber Di Vasa Hotel Can Discount 50 Percent For The First 25 Visitors


14 Mei 2018
Bukber Di Vasa Hotel Can Discount 50 Percent For The First 25 Visitors

Menu khas selama Ramadan 1439 Hijriyah di Vasa Hotel.(zainuddin).

Vasa Hotel Surabaya never ceases to create with the latest promotion to maintain commitment in improving product and service quality. In the month of Ramadan, Vasa Hotel Surabaya delights Delightfully Ramadan with special menus that are favorites in 209 Dining and also presents a special menu of Middle Eastern specialties creations and innovations from Executive Chef Sky Lee and team.

For you lovers of Middle Eastern food, be prepared to enjoy the delights of "Nasi Kebuli" which is one of the main menu dishes from Middle East origin. Consisting of a variety of spices that can spoil your tongue, Kebuli Rice is also served with processed goat meat that adds more flavor.

In addition, we also provide "Goat Bumbu Bumbu Kecap" which is a soft goat meat and cooked with spices until it soaked enveloped the meat so as to bring the taste and different sensations using goat thigh meat served with special soy sauce with lime juice.

"Both of these menus are the choice for Ramadan this year, we are raising a fun Ramadan theme with a typical menu of Middle Eastern origin. In addition, we also continue to present an international buffet that complement the atmosphere of breaking the fast is fun "said Chef Sky Lee.

In addition to enjoy the delights of the main menu, "Turkey Coffee" will also be present to accompany the moment of Ramadan this time. You will be invited to make your own Turkey Coffee, as well as coffee making is quite unique using hot sand that adds its own aroma for the audience.

Delightfully Ramadan with a special menu will be present at 209 Dining, Vasa Hotel Surabaya, only IDR 288,000 ++ / person, you can enjoy Ramadan special dish and International buffet and get 50% special discount for the first 25 visitors (zainuddin).

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