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Buber at Best Western Papilio Hotel Can Voucher


28 Mei 2018
Buber at Best Western Papilio Hotel Can Voucher

Aladin bagi-bagi voucher di Best Western Papilio Hotel.(zainuddin).

Ramadan is synonymous with hospitality with friends, family, and friends. In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, Best Western Papilio Hotel has prepared a special package for you who want to stay in touch while breaking the fast.

Taking the theme of Aladdin & Jasmine: A Journey of Ramadhan ", this four-star hotel is ready to offer 1001 flavors of 99 fasting menus with typical Indonesian dishes and of course Arabian Menu. Icon Aladdin & Jasmine was taken because these two figures are famous from Middle East, and so are the favorites of all ages, both young and old.

In addition, there will be two hotel staff who each day will dress up the 2 figures of this and around Mariposa Restaurant and Bantimurung Sky Pool to invite guests to take pictures together.

Marketing Communications Manager Best Western Papilio Hotel, Intan Manullang, explains, "Guests who come to open together can take pictures with Aladdin & Jasmine to get BBQ vouchers, gym membership vouchers, and vouchers to stay in Superior Room. This is actually one way we promote as well, namely by relying on the power of social media. With mentag @bwpapiliohotel, we hope our guests can become our advocate brand so that our Ramadan promotion can be received by all Surabaya people. "

Problem menu, Chef Rudy Hartono, who served as Executive Chef Best Western Papilio Hotel, has a menu mainstay of "Butter Rice Papilio". Foods that have this distinctive aroma can be found at Mariposa Restaurant and Bantimurung Sky Pool & Café at breaking the fast. Butter Rice is getting its distinctive aroma of rice that has been spiced with a variety of spices, such as star anise, cinnamon, cumin and also turmeric with the proportions that fit. Diracik also with a variety of vegetables, not only add to the texture of food but also for the nutrition of the guests.

And of course, the selected butter was not the most butter. Chef Rudy chose the butter with the most fragrant aroma, to be the basic ingredients of making this Butter Rice. Also selected are unsalted butter, with consideration of fat content in this little butter less than other butter more savory more salty.

When asked more about this 2018 Ramadan promo, Chef Rudy explains "Butter Rice Papilio will certainly be the favorite main course. Guests entering the restaurant area can instantly smell their distinctive smells, spices and butter blends in this special dish. Moreover, if the butter rice is eaten with Chicken Chilli Satay and also combined with the dicai bread with dicocol with curry sauce, it is guaranteed not enough just 1 plate.

It is also expected that guests can meet with Aladdin & Jasmine, then take pictures to upload and dimention to @ bwpapiliohotel. There will be various prizes, such as vouchers stay, merchandise, and also F & B Voucher for the winners of this Instagram quiz. Certainly do not forget to include also a sign fence # BWPapilioHotel # BuberAladdin & Jasmine "

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