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Before Labor Day, Pakde Karwo Invites Laborers and Employers to Keep Cohesiveness


30 April 2018
Before Labor Day, Pakde Karwo Invites Laborers and Employers to Keep Cohesiveness

Pakde Karwo (tengah). (ist/zainuddin).

Ahead of the commemoration of Labor Day which will fall on May 1, 2018, the Governor of East Java. H. Soekarwo invites workers, laborers and employers to maintain cohesiveness, to keep industrial relations conducive.

The invitation was conveyed while attending a Coffee (Pengobrol Pintar) Bareng Pakde Karwo before the commemoration of Labor Day (Mayday) at Studio JTV, Surabaya, Sunday (29/4/2018) pm.

The cohesiveness of these relationships is the best way to foster trust in industry, business and investment climate. East Java provincial government will be ready to facilitate the desire or complaint from laborers to entrepreneurs and central government who want welfare or increased labor income.

"Principally, the cohesion must be maintained so that the business climate and investment in East Java will be maintained," he explained.

Pakde Karwo greeting familiarly states that the government continues to prepare space for dialogue, discuss and formulate policies with workers to find the desired solutions by workers ranging from wage, minimum wage and living needs (KHL) in East Java.

East Java provincial government will continue to fight for the welfare of workers in accordance with their authority. However, if the policy goes to the central government, East Java Provincial Government is ready to bridge by sending letters of recommendation or concept to the related ministries.

"We will work to fight the fate of the workers in accordance with their authority, but if the wishes of workers are addressed to the central government, we will be happy to facilitate it," he added.

On that occasion, Pakde Karwo convinced the commemoration of Labor Day on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 will come smoothly, safely, peacefully and dialogue formulate together the policy to be fought for.

"I am confident Mayday tomorrow will run smoothly and peacefully, as various activities such as istigozah, theatrical performances are displayed, I am sure the workers also have to make the team to formulate and discuss the policy to be strived for, besides the demonstration also produce policy solutions for all workers , workers and employers, "he said.

In the same occasion, East Java Police Chief Irjen Pol Drs. Machfud Arifin SH along with Commander V Brawijaya Maj. Gen. Arif Rahman agreed that May Day which will take place on May 1, 2018 will run peacefully and smoothly.

Kapolda ensure personnel will be well prepared. He promised, personnel will escort and accompany workers from outside the area who will enter the Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya as the top place of warning in East Java.

This condition has been proven on the last Mayday commemoration that has been conducive and inspires other regions, in a manner that is polite.

"I got a report that this year's Mayday activities will be filled with isitigozah and theatrical performances in addition to conveying aspirations to the government. I am sure the workers and workers throughout Indonesia have been very wise in conveying their aspirations and dialogue with the government, "said the East Java Police Chief.

Meanwhile, Chairman of All Indonesian Workers Union (SPSI) East Java Ahmad Fauzi SH M. Hum appreciated the compactness of East Java leaders from the Governor, the Police to TNI who took care of the workers. Evidently, in various activities of workers are always invited to discuss and dialogue.

However, he continued, workers still see a government regulation that is still impartial to the welfare and income of workers who are not evenly distributed.
Not only that, SPSI Jatim also highlights the existence of government regulations that allow the existence of foreign workers in Indonesia that is behind the facts that many people still need jobs.

Also present at Nggyong Pakde Karwo include East Java Police Chief, Commander V Brawijaya, Chairman of SPSI and Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Entrepreneurs of East Java. (nif/zainuddin).

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