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Achieve Doctor With Electricity Save


30 Maret 2018
Achieve Doctor With Electricity Save

Foto bersama dengan peraih doktor listrik.(zainuddin).

The main constraint of fuel efficiency of a power plant lies in the difficult problem of electricity cost savings or Economic Dispatch (ED). This is allegedly caused to optimize the cost of generating large-scale power system is difficult to achieve.

This issue inspired Ir Jangkung Raharjo MT, Student of Doctoral Program of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), found the Coarse to Fine Search (CFS) method to handle the problem. The results of his research he presented in a doctoral promotion session at the Department of Electrical Engineering Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, Thursday (29/3/2018).

In an open session led by Prof. Dr. Ir Mauridhi Hery Purnomo MEng, promovendus familiarly called Jangkung explained Economic Dispatch problem is a multidimensional problem that depends on the number of plants involved. This leads to the optimization of the cost of generation on large-scale power systems into a complex problem.

He also explained that so far the method used to analyze the minimization of the cost of generation is less than optimal. "The method that has been used has not reached the lowest cost but has stopped," he said.

Armed with his knowledge of the telecommunications he took when S2 first, finally Jangkung find the idea to try a video processing method, namely the method of CFS. "I try to innovate on this method because I feel there is a resemblance between video processing variables with variables in the Economic Dispatch issue," said the man born in Sukoharjo, 19 January 1966.

During this time, the CFS method is used on information signal processing optimization issues, especially on the movement of video signals. For Jangkung, this method can also be used to reduce the complexity of generating systems, resulting in faster computing time.

Promoted by Prof. Dr. Ir Adi Soeprijanto MT and Dr. Ir Hermagasantos Zein MSc, a lecturer at Telkom University Bandung proved that CFS method can be used to solve the ED problem with the guarantee of convergence which this method give.

In addition, the method initially used only to harass problems in two-dimensional and three-dimensional cases is a method that can solve multidimensional problems. "It makes this method can be used in unlimited dimensions," he explained.

To validate this method has been tested on Java-Bali power system with 500kV voltage. In the test the interesting fact is found, that is, this method can also solve the problem of ED for high-order objective function (can not be derived).

Based on the consideration of the explanation of the research result of Jangkung in his dissertation entitled Development of Coarse to Fine Search Method (CFS) in Completing the Problem of Multi Dimensional Economic Dispatch, Faculty Advisory Commission, chaired by Prof. Ir H Ontoseno Penangsang MSc, stated Jangkung graduated and entitled to hold doctoral degree with honors. "Congratulations and hopefully the knowledge continues to be useful", said Ontoseno. (rur/zainuddin).

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